Off Topic -- Week 11 (2018-19 Season)

Welcome to a new week of Off Topic, and I got some new tips for you. During finals week, many final assignments and exams are due. Here are some survival tips to ensure you have a successful week.

1. Do Not Panic!
Panicking ensures a stressful week of school where many stress hormones are formed. If you ever feel the need to panic, take a deep breath.

2. Get Some Sleep!
All nighters make a person statistically less likely to perform at optimal levels. Even with caffeine, a person is more likely to crash in the energy department. So, get some sleep folks!

3. Study wisely.
You should at least spend at least 30 minutes on one task and then move to another task. I get more done by timing myself.

These are some tips I have used to study for finals over the years. If you have any other tips, put them in the comments below! Otherwise, let's discuss away!

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