American Housewife Season 3 Episode 6 Review

On tonight's American Housewife, Katie gets frustrated by a storm of plastic surgeries all around town, mostly due to Chloe Brown-Mueller. Plus, Kathryn returns to be a terrible influence on Taylor, and Greg has some issues at work.

It's "plastic surgery season" in Westport, and Katie's not happy about it. She's especially unhappy when she learns that due to this, she's no longer the second-fattest housewife in Westport, because she's the fattest.

Anna-Kat's doctor calls Katie and Greg in because she's starting to act strange around her, and it's immediately realized that it's because of something Katie said regarding plastic surgery. At brunch with Doris and Angela, Chloe shows up and acts all judgy (as usual), and Katie wants to get her off her back. The ladies decide to look for evidence that Chloe has gotten plastic surgery, which could damage her reputation as she swears that her looks are all natural.

At the library, the ladies discover that Chloe's yearbook has no pictures of her, which clearly is Chloe's doing. However, Anna-Kat's doctor, Dr. Ellie, went to school with Chloe and they may be able to find Chloe's picture there. Katie's reluctant to take this route because she insulted Dr. Ellie. Doris and Angela essentially tell her to suck it up and go to Dr. Ellie's office anyway, because this is too important. Meanwhile, Kathryn renovates Greg's office without his permission and he tells her she's not allowed to do that. This newfound emotional strength gives him the power to tell his assistant not to bother him so much while he's working, but that goes terribly. Meanwhile, Katie steals Dr. Ellie's yearbook while she's away, but she gets caught and has to apologize to her. Later, they call Chloe to the restaurant to reveal that they know about her plastic surgery. However, she changes her mind and decides not to be petty, just for once. Once she gets home, she notices that the kids are taking their quest to improve their own looks too far, and she calls a family meeting, telling them not to worry so much about their looks or the looks of others.

Once again, American Housewife delivered a consistently funny episode, even if this was probably the weakest episode of the season. The kids really didn't have much to do this week, due to its majorly Katie-centric nature. That's not always a bad thing, but I do prefer the episodes that gives the whole family a meaningful plot, which this didn't have. Katie's character development at the end of the episode was nice though, and it was nice to see her finally not stick it to Chloe Brown-Mueller no matter how much she deserves it. Sometimes enough is enough.

Score: 7.5/10
Grade: B-

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