The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 6 Review

The Goldbergs is doing a tribute episode to yet another musical this week, this time Fiddler On the Roof. Also, Beverly performs a bit of sabotage once again in the name of motherly love, but what else is new?

It's time for the school musical, but since it's Fiddler on the Roof, Adam doesn't want to do it this time around. However, Murray really wants Adam to take part and he forces him to audition. Meanwhile, Erica decides to sabotage Geoff's SAT prep so that he will stay in Philly with her instead of leaving for college, similar to what Beverly once did to her. At his Fiddler audition, Adam asks for a low-importance role, which he gets. However, Murray shows up at school on the day that the role assignments are announced and he tries to change Ms. Cinoman's mind. Erica admits to Geoff that she tried to tank his SATs, and he actually finds it sweet and asks Erica to come with him to UCLA. And now, Beverly is the one worrying about Geoff's potential move to California.

Beverly has decided to sabotage Erica's move to California, and she tells her an insane lie about their cousin Marcy needing commercial jingles for some ridiculous products. Erica believes her and actually writes jingles for these products. When Beverly admits that she lied, Erica is furious, because she already sent the jingles to Marcy and she's gonna look like a fool.

Adam tells Murray about how much he hates Fiddler and yells at him for ruining musicals for him, before storming off. Later on, Beverly tells Erica that Marcy and her co-workers loved the jingles Erica wrote, and she finally tells her that it's OK for her to move to LA. Meanwhile, Murray shows Adam an old recording of him in Fiddler on the Roof, explaining that that's the reason he wanted Adam to take part in the musical. The two of them go to the school production together, and Adam finally gives it the credit it deserves.

This was one of the weaker Goldbergs episodes of the season, but I did still find it enjoyable. It was worth the ride just for the ending moment between Murray and Adam, which was incredibly sweet. I wondered all along why Murray would care so much about a musical, and the end reveal was a truly great moment between the two of them. Erica's story was a retreat, and they even acknowledged it, but it did still provide some funny moments (mostly thanks to Pops). The plot may end up leading to a big development for the Goldberg family, but it seems more likely that it'll just be resolved easily like most of these plots. I'd actually prefer that though, because I really don't want Erica to move away.

Score: 8/10
Grade: B

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