Roseanne Season 10 Episode 7 Review: Go Cubs

Written Demanding More Disclosures by Bridger Cunningham.

Prejudice was the antithesis of the character Roseanne Conner during the first 9 seasons of Roseanne.  Flash forward to 2018, and Rosie is suddenly prejudiced against a new set of Middle-Eastern neighbors.  The opening third of the episode was indeed a departure of character to display these tendencies.  No matter what impact 9/11 had on the public changing their views on other races, Rosie's jarring change abandons her prior stance of all are welcome save for assholes.  Roseanne continues her unwavering standpoint until Mary (Jayden Rey) desperately wants to Skype with her overseas mother.  After making an awkward early morning entrance to request a password, the new neighbors instead offer to allow the Conners and Mary make the call in their living room.

Trite issues consume that scene until the Yemenese couple consents and gives the password, cementing a valid point which children should not be punished because of adults' ignorance.  Elsewhere, this episode continued its legacy of broaching social issues and conflicts.  Dan loses a job due to a company's objection over hiring illegal labor, leaving the Conners in a lurch financially.  In his first wince of a story beyond being a scene filler, DJ revealed the woes veterans face with attaining medical and psychological care.  Fishman continues to be the most underutilized contract character this season (sadly behind the Conner grandchildren), and viewers would enjoy larger helpings of story for the overlooked Conner child.

The closing acts of the episode returned Roseanne to recognition as she encounters her new neighbor in the checkout line experiencing blatant stereotyping.  She kicks back into bitch mode, not only covering her neighbor's shortage of funds but threatening the young cashier with a report to a manager due to her outward wrath to a stranger.  Though Roseanne remained prejudiced the entire episode, she always exhibited manners despite her views, contrasting the cashier making a camel and American taxpayer reference.  The closing credits not only display a comical exchange of neighborly awakenings, but viewers' first glimpse of DJ's wife Geena (Jahmela Biggs).

The 9-episode season has been hit or miss with cameos and balancing the floor for character story, which made Go Cubs an improvement in balance over recent episodes.  It managed to weave Adilah Barnes and (now) Grey's Anatomy regular James Pickens, Jr as Anne-Marie and Chuck.  Always a mild presence with no story, the cameo was fitting as Anne-Marie and Chuck enjoyed more exposure and purpose than the recent cameo blunders doled out to Johnny Galecki, Sandra Bernhardt and Natalie West, all secondary characters whose involvement in the prior seasons involved rich stories.  This episode also welcomed another appearance from Michael Fishman as DJ, as well as all three Conner grandies being present with dialogue.  Keep this balance, and ratings may remain obscenely high.

Episode Score: 9 out of 10.

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