Man With a Plan Season 2 Finale Review

It's time for the second season finale of Man With a Plan, and I've really enjoyed the ride to this point.  The second season was a marked improvement on the first season, successfully adding Stacy Keach to the main cast and increasing the presence of the lovely Ms. Swoosie Kurtz. This episode continues the weeks-long plot, hopefully ending it in a satisfyingly funny way.

Andi is upset to find out that Adam and Don are doing remodeling for their parents, because they're so difficult to work with. Adam tells him not to worry, and Andi decides to just support Andi. At his parents, Adam discovers that his father didn't even know about the remodeling, and Bev and Joe start arguing. Because their house is being repaired, Adam allows Bev and Joe to stay at his house, which Andi us less-than-enthused about.

Adam shows Bev and Joe cabinet options for their kitchen, and they aren't pleased with them. Adam has to get more, leaving Andi alone with her monsters-in-law. He decides to stay at work awhile to avoid his parents, and when he gets home he finds Andi, hiding from Adam's parents. While they're driving her nuts, they do convince her to look for a job related to one of her passions. Adam and the guys have a meeting with Lisa, who tells them that she wants to buy them out, meaning that she'd pay them when they aren't working, though it means the end of Burns Brothers Construction. They agree, and Don doesn't even care that much about Burns Brothers now being bought out.

Andi tells Bev and Don exactly what they should do for their kitchen. They both love it, and Andi finds her true passion. That night, Andi tells Adam that she designed the kitchen, and Adam tells Andi about selling Burns Brothers. He gets defensive about the sale, but mostly because he's unhappy about it, even if he won't tell Andi. Later, Adam and Don reminisce about the end of Burns Brothers, and they get sentimental about it. Andi then shows Adam and Don a run-down house, and she gives him a proposal. She wants to start a house flipping business, where they'd be their own bosses. Don and Adam like the idea, so a new chapter in their lives now begins.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable, funny, and interesting finale. I wasn't sure how they'd wrap up this plot, and I'm very satisfied with the way they did wrap it up. While the show is rarely great, it's almost always very good, and is a great way to give me some quick laughs. Those thoughts remained with this finale, which was very good but wasn't phenomenal. It set up the third season wonderfully, and it made me very interested in what's in store for the show. While I had a few issues with the episode, such as the somewhat-rushed ending and the somewhat-slow beginning, it was still quite good, and featured some of Stacy Keach's best work on the show to-date. MWAP writers, please give Joe (and Bev) more to do next season. Also, where the heck was Marcy? I really needed one last Marcy appearance before the show goes away for god-knows-how-long.
Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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