Invest In 19 Shows RESULTS--2018

Thanks to everyone who played this season's edition in Invest in 19 Shows. I realize the game takes more effort than most, if not all, others, but hopefully you found it fun. Click here for a refresher on the rules and pricing of the shows.

The winner Invest in 19 Shows is percysowner! Congratulations!

By combining the A18-49 L+SD ratings of all shows, here are the final standings.

1) percysowner: 1.145
2) Raph: 1.032
3) Louis-Philippe Roberge: 1.029
4) HV: 1.028
5) Full Boyle: 1.021

While percysowner was separated from the rest, most participants come within a hundredth of one another, making this an especially competitive season.

One of percysowner's biggest reasons for this win was investing in Roseanne, which is something nobody else did. percysowner also made way for The Big Bang Theory, Empire, and This Is Us. To do this, percysowner had to invest in 7 CW shows, including Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin.

Four participants picked The Gifted as an option, and the show ended up being FOX's lowest-rated freshmen renewal; that will stay the case if Ghosted gets a 2nd season.

American Housewife was picked by 3, presumably due to the time slot move to air after Modern Family. For a similar reason, 3 selected Mom as one of their shows.

On the flip side, nobody invested in Riverdale, which ended up seeing a 30% increase in A18-49 L+SD ratings this season, and was severely underpriced.

What do you think of these results? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to inquire on the trends of more shows! And participants, if you want to know your full breakdown, leave a comment indicating so below.

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