Life In Pieces Season 3 Finale Review

I've been a vocal critic of the third season of Life in Pieces, but at the end of the day, I really do love this show. When the show was missing from CBS's fall schedule, I was super annoyed and honestly pretty sad. But we still have two episodes left in season three, so let's (hopefully) enjoy those instead of focusing on the bad.

Episode 21: Video Piercing Model Hangover:
In the first story, Joan gives Colleen a box of thank-you cards, so that she can send cards to people that gave her and Matt wedding presents. Colleen doesn't really get why she has to do it, but she does it anyway because they need baby gifts. Matt suggests making a video instead, so they only have to make one, very impersonal video. When they watch it, the family really hates it. And at dinner, they all make a point of showing their frustration. Matt and Colleen defend themselves, but Matt does start thanking the family for all the things they've done for him. Everyone's happy about this, except for Greg.

In the second story, Sophia wants an ear piercing, but Tim and Heather won't let her. They tell her she can get it when she's 15 like Sam was. Sophia finds out that Sam didn't get pierced ears because of her age, but rather her good grades. Since Sophia got straight As, she thinks it's time to get her ears pierced. Tim and Heather still resist, but Sophia isn't ready to back down. Heather asks Jen for help with Sophia, asking to do a mock trial with her based on the ear piercing issue. She agrees, and they start the trial. Sophia wins, and even Jen says so. So they take Sophia to get her ears pierced, but she really doesn't want to. Clementine tells Tim to get his ear pierced to show her how horrible it is, but she ends up wanting a bellybutton piercing instead.

In the third story, a talent agent approaches John to ask him about modeling. He isn't sure at first, but he agrees. When he gets to the photo shoot, it turns out to not be so glamorous. He's modeling a stair lift, which is really embarrassing for him. He tries to prove that he can use stairs, but the coffee shop they go to doesn't have stair. However, a guy approaches him to tell John he's the reason he bought the stair lift. This convinces him to keep modeling.

In the fourth story, Greg and Jen are both hungover after a party the night before. Lark calls for them, but they discover that she's getting cereal by herself. Later on, Lark gets some water for them and they decide to let Lark take care of herself a little more. Jen and Greg are both getting more rest now, and are able to do things they usually wouldn't have had time for. This won't last long though, because oopsie, Jen is pregnant!

Score: 8/10
Grade B

Season Finale: Sixteen Spanish Car Leak:
In the first story, it's Sam's sixteenth birthday. Ryan has made some birthday plans, but she knows that Tim and Heather probably already made plans for her, so she turns him down. However, it doesn't seem like they even remembered her birthday. They're just trying to make the big party they've planned a surprise. Sam decides to spend the day with Ryan, and he tells her she loves him. When she gets home, she embarrasses herself in front of her entire family by telling Ryan that she wants him to be her "first." Welp, there goes the day.

In the second story, John and Joan are planning a vacation to South America. They get Spanish lessons, and John is really terrible and gets absolutely zero things correct. They decide to immerse themselves in the language to really get ahold of it, so they go to a Spanish market. Joan holds up the produce line, because she's really bad at speaking Spanish. Joan also has difficulty, and he ends up buying all of the piñatas due to a misunderstanding. Joan is really upset and thinks her South American adventure is in jeopardy, but they decide to just use their phones for translation.

In the third story, Matt and Colleen are at the clinic waiting for Rita to get impregnated. Unfortunately, they discover that she's already pregnant. This leaves them without a valid surrogacy option, so they decide to reconsider a baby. They go to look at a car, but the salesman keeps reminding them of kids. They end up buying a car, but it rolls away while they're distracted and it gets smashed.

In the final story of the season, Greg and Jen decide to keep her pregnancy a secret. Unfortunately, Lark overhears them talking about the baby and she now has to keep it a secret. Joan finds out from Lark, and she doesn't act cool about it at all. Tim and Heather are trying to convince Sam not to lose her virginity, and then Lark barges in to tell them that her mommy is pregnant. Jen and Greg are freaking out that she'll tell Matt and Colleen, and it almost happens. They decide to keep her eating, so she can't talk. That's when Colleen reveals that they're adopting a baby. They introduce the family to their adoption agent, and then Lark reveals that Jen is pregnant. Matt thinks Greg was trying to upstage him with their announcement, and they get into an argument. Then, Tim realizes that Sam and Ryan are missing, so he runs upstairs. Except they aren't missing. Greg and Matt make up, and everything is right with the world again.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A


This was a really great way to end the season. After a shaky season, Life In Pieces redeemed itself this week. Neither episode was perfect, but both were good. I absolutely loved the second episode, baby story and all! The John and Joan story from the finale was a personal favorite, but I also really liked the others. There wasn't a terrible story to be found, though ear piercing story from the first episode of the evening and the Matt and Colleen buying a car story from the finale were probably the worst of the night and were mediocre. The rest were all highly enjoyable and funny stories. Life In Pieces used to be my favorite comedy on TV but this season the quality has been notably lacking. The cast remains one of TV's best, but the show had been missing the magic that made it so special in the previous seasons. It recaptured that magic tonight, and I hope it doesn't let go of it again.

And that's a wrap on Life In Pieces season 3! Thank you for reading my reviews throughout this season! I'm not sure when season 4 will premiere, but whenever that is, I really hope I'll be seeing you all again for it.

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