The Simpsons Season 29 Finale Review

The season finale of season 29 of The Simpsons is already upon us, and it features guest appearances by the ghosts of Maude Flanders and many other Springfieldians. I hope this finale can live up to my

Bart pranks Lisa by using a genius test as bait, and he posts a video of said prank online. It goes viral almost-instantly, and Lisa vows to get revenge. Later, lightning strikes the house and the family loses internet. Marge suggests a board game, but nobody wants to play. Homer decides to break out his old VHS tapes, and the family experiences the magic of a VCR. That night, the VCR breaks, and they think about asking Ned to use his internet. Instead, they decide to just break into the Flanders house. But while he's climbing the ladder, Bart gets struck by lightning. But hey, at least the internet's back on! At the hospital, Lisa decides to prank Bart (who is in a coma), and she convinces him that he will see dead people. This causes him to see Maude Flanders in his sleep.

After being reminded of Bart's viral prank, Lisa makes Bart feel even worse by adding Milhouse to his dream. In the dream, he's trying to scare off Maude with the power of crosses, but Milhouse gives him his therapist's card. He does to see the therapist, and the therapist is just happy to not be talking to Milhouse. And then it's revealed that the therapist is also dead. Probably because of Milhouse. The therapist wants help moving on, so Bart's basically Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer now. The therapist wants revenge on his colleague Dr. Morton, and Bart gives a real fright. A ton of dead Springfieldians rush in for help, and Bart helps them all move on by doing various terrible things. But Maude Flanders continues to haunt him. In the real world, Dr. Hibbert tells Lisa that any harmful things said to Bart while in a coma could do permanent danger. Back in dreamland, Maude asks Bart for revenge against Homer the Moron. Homer is repeatedly shot by a t-shirt cannon, and Maude is finally at peace. Though that wasn't supposed to kill Homer, it does, and now he's a ghost.

Homer just needs to go into the light, because his business is finished. Unfortunately, he has to walk there, so that may pose an issue. He goes to check out Moe's where it's discovered that Moe killed everyone. Then, he decides to cross over, and Bart yells at him to convince him to stay. He's able to revive him, and then Bart wakes up in the real world. And the first thing he asks is for Lisa to teach him about putting bad ideas in other people's heads.

This was a pretty solid episode and a great way to send us into the summer break, though it wasn't one of the season's best episodes. The episode really reminded me of Ghost Whisperer, which I appreciated because I miss the show. I honestly would watch a show that's just Bart Simpson helping people cross into the light every week. That would be pretty fun. Anyways, the episode itself did feel a little uneven, and the switching back-and-forth from the real world to the dream world was a little confusing at first, though I later made sense of it. The first act of the show was definitely the weakest, and I didn't find it all that funny. They stepped it up a notch in the second act though, and the weak first act was redeemed by strong second and third acts. The tag at the end was also very enjoyable, and I think I laughed more at that part than at anything from the actual episode. The Flanders portion of it was especially great. And as a side note, it was nice to see Maude again. I didn't realize how much I'd missed her. Even if she wasn't *really* back.
Score: 8/10
Grade: B

I'll be back for Simpsons reviews this fall, when the show returns for its milestone thirtieth season! It's been so fun recapping and reviewing the show this season, and I want to thank my readers/fellow Simpsons fans for joining me all season long. See you in fall! I also hope you'll join me as I begin reviewing The Simpsons' fellow animated Fox sitcom, Bob's Burgers, also this fall!

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