American Housewife Season 2 Finale Review

The spring gala that we have all been waiting for comes to fruition tonight on the second season finale of American Housewife. The show remained one of ABC's strongest comedies during its second season, almost-always delivering plenty of laughs every week. The season also saw some personal growth for the Otto kids. It also saw plenty of Anna-Kat sass, which really is all I need to make my day. Let's hope that this finale lives up to the season that has preceded it.

In the weeks leading up to the gala, Greg is parenting the way he wants to, because Katie is busy. Katie's not a big fan of the way he's parenting, but the kids convince her to let it go. Immediately after Katie leaves, Anna-Kat asks to take the day off school so they can visit Hans Gruber at the farm, which Greg accepts. Meanwhile, the school moms still aren't very confident that Katie will do a good job with the spring gala, but Katie assures them that everything will go great and that TV's Nathan Fillion will definitely be there. Outside, she gets a call from Stacy, the woman who planned the last spring gala. She tells Katie that "they" are out to get her, which is very confusing to everyone. At the farm, the kids discover a dog and ask Greg if they can get it. Greg says no, but they break him very quickly. They nearly tell Katie, but she is put in a bad mood after being given some bad elephant-related gala news, so they withhold this information from her.

Katie is freaking out that she can no longer have TV's Nathan Fillion ride an elephant, but Greg convinces her to use a camel instead. Nathan is less-than-enthused about this idea, because the elephant is the only reason he's doing it. Katie then tells him she'll get the elephant after all. She doesn't really have an elephant, but she's gonna try to make a camel look like an elephant anyway. Katie yells at the school moms for sabotaging her gala, and she repeatedly insults them. It's awesome.  Chloe's assistant Maria shows Chloe the elephant costume she made, which is actually pretty good. Katie then gets a call from Doris, who tells her that nothing for the gala has been delivered, all because the school moms sabotaged her. Katie becomes depressed and says the moms beat her, but Greg gives her a pep talk and him and the kids say they'll help her. And then the dog shows up, and at this point, Katie just doesn't care.

Katie figures out that Tara is the one that messed with her gala, and she calls Stacy to tell her. Stacy's very happy to learn this, because she's not crazy. That isn't true, but that's beside the point. Katie and her small army of helpers actually put the gala together, and it looks amazing. Stupid, stupid Tara is very upset that this happened, and then Stacy comes and attacks her. The bitchy school moms admit that the gala is great. Then, it becomes apparent that Suzanne, not stupid, stupid Tara, was the one that ruined the gala. TV's Nathan Fillion even makes an appearance on the camelephant! Things just go so well.

I loved this finale so very much. It was a great way to wrap up the season-long gal storyline, and I'm so glad everything actually went well for Katie. There were many ways that I could have seen the show messing this episode up, but none of my fears came through and they executed it almost flawlessly. While a relatively minor plotline during the episode, I really loved that the kids finally got their dog, a topic brought up many months ago in the season premiere. I love this show for so many reasons, but the fact that they actually follow through on their plotlines is near the top of that list. Another great aspect of this finale was the guest appearance by the always-delightful Kathleen Rose Perkins, who provided some of the biggest laughs of the episode as the now-insane previous gala planner Stacy. I'm glad to see her get some more screentime!
Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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