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What is up, people! I took a break from live blogging the past couple of days, but I'm getting back into form. Refresh the page for updates, folks!

Update #1: In case you missed it, Nathan Fillion has blown Tim Allen out of the water in comedy during the ABC upfronts, and Shari Redstone has her foot in her mouth with trying to make a merger between CBS and Viacom happen. And Les Moonves is Les Moonves as usual.
Update #2: At least the schedule released by the CW is not as bad as CBS and FOX's were.
Update #3: There. The ending show news is out!
Update #4: And the fun begins, somewhat. Glad they are utilizing Nicolette Sheridan in the banner.

Update #5: At 11:17 AM - CW will air nearly 370 hours of original programming, “a sizable increase from last year,” Pedowitz says, jumping into new-series pitching with high-school football drama All American.
Update #6:
Update #7:
I could believe that.
Update #8: Sorry, Holly Marie Combs. Wishing for a show to fail is only going to ensure Charmed reboot's renewal.
Update #9:
Update #10: Say what?!?
Update #11: Fall show trailers are out! 

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