Jess’s Take: A CW Schedule Analysis

Welcome to Jess's Take, and this installment will cover the CW today as I analyze the schedule. We will start on the new night, Sundays! 

8-9 PM — Supergirl

Somehow, the CW managed to mess things up by putting a newbie at 9pm. Plus there are two incompatible shows, so I thought that was messy. Some of the biggest hits in CW history (Arrow, The Flash, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, DC's Legends of Tomorrow) started at the 8pm time slot. This may not work out well. 

Grade: D
8-9 PM — DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
9-10 PM — Arrow
At the expense of Monday, the CW put their two weakest DC shows on Monday. I'm guessing to fix 9pm, but Arrow is declining. At least we won't get 0.2s for the fall as much as we did with Valor, plus both the later Monday run of Jane the Virgin and Reign in separate springs. And iZombie. 

Grade: C+

8-9 PM  — The Flash
9-10 PM — Black Lightning
Tuesdays remain unchanged from midseason with Black Lightning returning to the fold at the 9pm time slot. This is okay and guarantees 9pm will have solid ratings, even when The Flash is in decline. 
Grade: A
8-9 PM — Riverdale
And another 9pm show after Riverdale likely biting the dust after 13 episodes. Based on the ratings trajectory of Riverdale, can they justify keeping it as a lead in? 
Grade: B
8-9 PM — Supernatural
I gotta say, this is a really good move. This almost ensures stability on advertisers' night. 
Grade: A+
8-9 PM — Dynasty
9-10 PM — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Friday nights remain CBS night, where low rated CBS shows are housed in the least desirable time slots, allowing them not to damage the Sunday-Thursday night schedule. Constant 0.1-0.2 ratings likely. 
Grade: A-
Aside from a messy Sundays and likely weakened Mondays, this mostly conservative looking schedule is slightly better than the F grade I gave CBS Mondays. Not by much. 

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