The Goldbergs Season 5 Finale Review

It's been a season dominated by a Bev-o-lution, and that has done the Goldbergs well. The show has had a wonderful fifth season, filled with many memorable moments, including a special 100th episode, Erica going to college, Erica dropping out of college, the Frentas, and Coach Mellor's brother. I hope this season finale can live up to that.

Barry is trying to redeem his awful senior year, and he tries to pull off a prank. Unfortunately, that prank doesn't go too well. Because it's a terrible idea. Elsewhere, Beverly is trying to make Murray feel calm and happy so that Erica can tell him she dropped out of college. That doesn't work. He says he can stay, but she'll have to pay for rent and food. And Erica 2 is also there! Everything's going so well! Barry is excited to find out that Lainey is back too, but she doesn't want to get back together. Erica is trying to get a job to pay for rent and food, but Beverly isn't happy. So she goes to Principal Ball and asks him to hire Erica's band to play at the prom. She even pays him to do it, and he agrees. In order to avoid prom, Barry decides to pull off a legendary prank, with the help of Adam.

Erica is excited to learn that she's been hired to play the prom, but Murray sees through it and knows Beverly is behind the gig. Elsewhere, we learn that Principal Ball's beloved Suzuki has been destroyed. Barry is preparing to run away, so he goes to talk to Lainey, who is happy to see him. Then, he tells her about prom and she's devastated. Meanwhile, Beverly admits to Erica that she paid for the gig, but Erica doesn't take it badly and expects Beverly to pay for future gigs. Beverly then flips out and tells Erica to get a job, and takes stuff away. Erica's really done it now - she's gotten on the bad side of 1980something's scariest woman!

Barry admits to Principal Ball that he was the one who ruined the Suzuki. Ball is actually okay with it, because he got a kickass new Pontiac Fiero. Prom is now back on for everyone, and Adam tells the girls about it. Erica thanks Beverly for her support over the years, and tells her she's getting a real job. Lainey goes to Barry for a dance. Barry proposes, and Lainey accepts. Poor Bev.

This was a delightful way to end this season of the Goldbergs. It had all the humor and heart that I expect from the show, and was one of the best episodes of the season. It was great to have Lainey back in town, too, because I've missed seeing her and Barry together. Another perk of her appearance was a guest spot by the always-welcome David Koechner, who I have missed in the role of Lainey's dad Bill. The engagement of Barry and Lainey was another fun (likely very short-lived) twist, especially considering Bev and Murray's reactions to it. The episode also featured an all-time great Beverly freak-out, which led up to an emotional moment between Bev and Erica that (almost) left me in tears. Almost!
Score: 10/10
Grade: A+

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