Jess’s Take: A CBS Schedule Analysis

Welcome to a new installment of Jess's Take, where we journey through the CBS fall schedule. As always, we start with Sundays.

7-60 Minutes
8-God Friended Me (NEW drama)
10-Madam Secretary

While Sundays remain unchanged with a new drama at 8 from last season, something tells me this is not going to be compatible in the slightest with the procedural and upscale political drama. Other than that, this is okay. 

Grade: B

8-The Neighborhood (NEW comedy)
8:30-Happy Together (NEW comedy)
9-Magnum, P.I. (NEW drama)
10-Bull (NEW time slot)

Holy cow! This is terrible! How in the world can newbies launch newbies? Magnum, P.I. will most likely self-start and Bull will have to fend for itself. But seriously, CBS can take a lesson from ABC when this stunt was pulled in 2013-14. It did not work out well, and it's not going to work out well for CBS.

Grade: F

9-F.B.I. (NEW drama)

Good move on CBS for using the 9pm slot for a new drama, although 10pm will continue to decline if FBI is solid at best. 

Grade: B+

9-SEAL Team
10-Criminal Minds

Lineup is unchanged from last season, but SEAL Team is clearly a weak link between Survivor and Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds will continue to decline and fend for itself. 

Grade: C

8-The Big Bang Theory
8:30-Young Sheldon
9:30-Murphy Brown (NEW comedy)

CBS should have transplanted Young Sheldon to Mondays to fix the mess of the comedy block. And Murphy Brown on Thursday could work out, but I also see it as a Monday fix. Then again, The Big Bang Theory is likely ending next season, so CBS needs to prepare for a post-Big Bang future.

Grade: C-

9-Hawaii 5-0
10-Blue Bloods

Fridays remain unchanged, but MacGyver is declining and taking down the 9pm and 10pm shows along with it. I would have preferred Criminal Minds moving to 8pm and Mac taking the Sunday 8pm berth for syndication purposes, but CBS is not learning from last season, it seems. Other than that, this is okay.

Grade: B

There are few bright spots in CBS's schedule to point out, but Mondays is a mess and will likely be fixed come midseason. There are some shows on the bench that CBS can put: Man With a Plan, Life in Pieces, and even low-rated Elementary plus the other comedy newbies. This schedule overall is mediocre at best. Since I'm done ranting about this schedule, please direct your attention to the comment section for discussion.

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