The 100 S5E4 Review

This week's episode catches up with the action in the bunker while also continuing the story on the ground.

S5E4 "Pandora's Box"

The episode begins in the bunker, showing us what we saw at the end of the second episode: Kane entering the arena to fight. In another room, a locked up Abby shouts that she committed the crime. Kane wins in an exciting fight scene. However, he will have to fight again. It is revealed that the crime was stealing medication, and that Kane had Indra lock Abby up because he knew she would confess. I find it surprising that Indra would keep information from Octavia like this, but it makes it more interesting, as more people are doubting Octavia's leadership direction.

In Kane's second fight, he and the other remaining person refuse to continue fighting, which causes Octavia to come down to the arena and recite her motto "You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru." Octavia obviously doesn't want to kill Kane, or at least the show doesn't, as she hesitates, unlike last week when people decided that they were against Wonkru. As she is about to strike, however, the ceiling starts to crumble.

Bellamy descends into the bunker, and his reunion with Octavia is a great moment. Clarke follows him, and she gets to reunite with her mother. Indra plans to get Abby and Kane out of the bunker without conflict with Octavia. She is able to do this when Bellamy and Octavia get a chance to speak. It's a strong scene, and I wish we got more like it. This show has leaders that take different approaches, and Bellamy is obviously not a fan of Octavia's approach.

Meanwhile, there is a battle of the computer geniuses. The person in the prison group is no match for Raven, obviously. However, he does find another way around, trying to remove the oxygen from the ship, which would kill Raven and Murphy but not the sleeping prisoners. Raven then unfreezes the prisoners, forcing him to stop. It's a battle of intelligent problem solvers. As a result of this, Bellamy and crew lose their leverage. Now, they aren't working together. This is war.

This episode had its moments, particularly in the bunker and at the end. I felt that the scenes with Raven and Murphy were generally quite boring, and the ground scenes before the bunker rescue weren't very interesting either. But, overall, the episode was still pretty good.

Score: 7/10

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