4th Annual Pilot Pick-Up Tournament RESULTS

Thanks to everyone who participated in The TV Ratings Guide's fourth annual Pilot Pick-Up Tournament. As a refresher, everyone gets 1 point for a correct prediction and loses a point for an incorrect prediction. No points are awarded or taken away if a show is ordered to series but is not selected on one's form.

This season, we had two winners: Miguens and HV!

Both of our winners tied with 7 overall points. Here is the rundown of everyone else's entries:

3) Matt C: 5 points
4t) RB, Renee: 1 point
6t) Full Boyle, Crazy Ex-Nashville Fan: -4 points

If you would like a complete rundown of where you gained and lost points, leave a comment indicating so below.

As many as 39 and as few as 9 shows were predicted to be ordered to series. I did not notice a strong correlation between how many shows were picked and overall score.

Many shows were predicted to be picked up by almost everybody. Shows that were correctly predicted by almost everybody are:

-A Million Little Things, set to air Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC in the fall
-The Neighborhood, leading off CBS's Monday nights this fall
-Magnum PI, which will air Mondays at 9pm on CBS
-The Passage, which is set for a midseason premiere on FOX
-Abby's, a midseason NBC comedy
-The Village, a midseason NBC drama
-Charmed, coming to The CW's new Sunday lineup at 9pm

However, there were also several misses in general. These include:
-Get Christie Love, an ABC drama pilot
-History of Them, a CBS comedy pilot
-Dan the Weatherman, a FOX comedy pilot
-Mixtape, a FOX drama pilot
-Bright Futures, an NBC comedy pilot
-LA's Finest, an NBC drama pilot
-Wayward Sisters, a Supernatural spinoff in contention on The CW

What did you think of this pilot season? Let us know in the comments below!

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