The 100 S5E5 Review

It's war now on The 100, as the remaining survivors on Earth fight for the valley. With the groups that we started the season with now getting mixed up, new dynamics between some people that haven't seen each other in years are in play.

S5E5 "Shifting Sands"

Clarke doesn't get to be in her usual leadership role now that the people from the bunker are out. Even with the knowledge she has, she has to fight to be heard, as everyone just wants to listen to Octavia. Octavia is unhappy with Bellamy, and there is a great conversation between her and Indra about love. Octavia doesn't want to love anyone, believing that makes you weak. Indra tells her that she loves her, and asks if that makes her weak. It is a great Indra moment.

This group faces challenging decisions, as every potential path for them seems to be impossible. A disgusting burrowing creature causes trouble, but it at least allows Clarke to be taken seriously, as she handles the situation, especially when she has to save Octavia's life. The group somehow manages to survive the sandstorm. I believe that the show created an issue for itself here, hyping up the dangers around them so much that surviving the sandstorm seems unrealistic.

In the end, Octavia is grateful that Clarke saved her, but tells Bellamy that if he isn't part of Wonkru, he is her enemy. The very ending here has a reunion, as their people from the valley arrive. Maddie and Clarke reunite, as well as Monty and Harper with the others. I'm glad that most of this group is together now.

Abby is put up to the task of diagnosing one of the people from the prison ship. This the sort of thing that the show has done before, so it feels like we're just retreading old paths. Kane keeps trying to negotiate with the leader of the group, and ends up sharing a moment with her where they drink tequila. I found this very odd, and I don't think I like where this is going.

Raven and Murphy are the most compelling characters in this episode. They have been captured, and are being tortured for information. Raven ends up getting Murphy free, but he ends up discovering that the shock collar he has doesn't let him go too far away from where they were. There's also a very entertaining moment here when Maddie talks about what she heard about these people from Clarke.

It feels like the show has too much going on right now, and it seems like everything is constantly changing. I think that they need to refocus and decide what stories they are telling.

Score: 6/10

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