The Simpsons Season 29 Episode 20 Review

The Simpsons travel abroad on this week's The Simpsons, and they take Grampa with them! Should make for an entertaining half-hour, if we're lucky. We might not be lucky.

The Simpson house has flooded, all because Marge had Homer finally do something. A water pipe was hit when Homer hung up a painting, and now we're here, with the house full of water. They take a trip to the insurance agency, where Gil tells them that their policy covers the replacement value of their house, and that temporary housing is also covered. Marge wants to use Airbnb, but the kids are against this. Abe then comes to Homer with a proposal, and asks him for money for an operation. He won't tell them what he needs, but they take him to the doctor anyway. Abe tells him the doctor can't help him, but Lisa says they can go to Denmark for some of their free healthcare. Marge agrees to the idea, and since Homer is Homer, he doesn't get a say.

The family arrives in Denmark, and they check out Copenhagen. There, Lisa meets Prince Christian, who is in line for the Danish throne, and she falls in love with him, of course. Marge also falls in love (with the country) and decides that she wants to move to Denmark, but Homer doesn't want to. He decides to get Abe injured so he can get some of that famous Danish healthcare, but all of his attempts fail. The entire family is now falling for Denmark, and Homer becomes conflicted as to whether he wants to go back to Springfield. 

Abe admits that his procedure is a tattoo removal. He doesn't want to go to his grave with a tattoo that says "Mona" on his chest, so there goes their Danish healthcare scam plan. Homer then starts dancing with a Danish woman, and Marge runs off, depressed. She decides to stay in Denmark, and Homer decides to go home with Abe. At the airport, Abe tells him to go back to Marge. Marge is happy to see Homer, but she's ready to go home now. And luckily for Abe, he even gets a new tattoo to cover his old one. I hope he likes lemonade!

This was the best Simpsons episode in a long time. I very much enjoyed the trip abroad, as it added a lot to what otherwise would have been a pretty boring story. I'm also glad to have an episode that focused mainly on Abe, because I really love him as a character. I did have a few minor issues, mostly that the scene with Homer and the Danish woman dancing felt really out of place. However, it was still a very enjoyable episode that made me very excited for next week's finale.
Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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