1975-76 Soap Ratings

Written by Bridger Cunningham

Expansion fever swept the grid as NBC expanded its successful 90-minute soap block by an hour, tacking an a additional 30 minutes onto DAYS and AW.  To counter this effect, CBS decided to expand 1st place ATWT to 60 minutes, spelling the end to 19-year old EDGE.  They also moved AMC ahead 30 minutes to allow new soap RH to develop competition-free in the 1:00 timeslot.  ABC expressed interest in the show and moved it back to its favored 4:00 showing, freeing up ATWT to expand and GL pushed back to 2:30.  GL's troubles grew as ABC decided to tack on 15 minutes to struggling OLTL and GH as they eyed an effort to block NBC's AW by overlapping its start time.

Drastic drops across the board accompanied frequent scheduling moves, with the class of 1963 being hit the hardest.  Sturdy Doctors fell 1.7 points, while GH lost 1.4 points and fell from 7th to 10th.  As several shows collapsed around it, Y&R's 4th season experienced a slight three-tenth uptick, climbing from 9th to 3rd place.  EDGE continued to collapse, but retained most of its audience after jumping networks.

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Source -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._daytime_soap_opera_ratings

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