2010-11 Soap Ratings -- An End of an Era As All My Children Leaves the Nest

Image result for All My Children Opening BookWritten Closing the Book on New York Productions by Bridger Cunningham

In one fell swoop, ABC cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live on April 14.  And to fill their schedule?  More Reality TV, because Jersey Shore was so popular and Reality TV was big in the 2000's.  The end result?  A modest replacement with cooking show The Chew, and another chatterbox with Katie Couric.  A hot mess for a number of years, All My Children went out with a bang.  Though it does not show in these figures, it did manage to end its last week in September in 2nd place.  Few primetime stars of the past made cameos except Josh Duhamel, but the quality showed in the July-September ratings.

Elsewhere, the only show to improve this season was fellow dead-soap-walking OLTL, which ticked up a tenth.  General Hospital held steady, and that was where the positive news stopped.  Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives dropped a tenth, and Bold and the Beautiful dropped two-tenths.

The 1:00 timeslot, a competitive launch space for 35 years among the three networks, lost ABC's bubbled delivery.

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Source -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._daytime_soap_opera_ratings

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