Evergreen Aimee Season 2 Finale - Morning Again

Evergreen Aimee Season 2, Episode 10

Morning Again

Cherie walks into Aimee’s hospital room.

Cherie: Good news, sweetie!

Ernesto: Are you talking to m-

Cherie: Aimee. I’m talking to Aimee.

Ernesto: Ah, well…

Kimmy: She’s asleep.

Cherie: Why is she asleep?

Carolyn: It’s been a long week.

Kimmy: You’re telling me!?! I missed a New Year’s party because of her and her “infection.”

Victoria: Oh, you poor baby.

Cherie: Dave, wake her up. She probably won't shank you for disrupting her beauty rest.

Dave: Why do you want me to wake my sleeping wife who just spent nearly a week in the hospital after giving birth because of an infection?

Cherie: The doctors say that she’s doing well enough to go home.

Dave: Why did they tell you that and not me, her husband?

Cherie: Because I pulled it out of them.

Kimmy: So do they actually think it’s time for her to go home, or are they just tired of you asking and finally gave in?

Dave: I would also like to know this.

Cherie: Be serious! They wouldn’t let her go home if it wasn’t safe.

Victoria: They would if you work on their patience enough.

Cherie: I’m not nearly annoying enough for a hospital to risk a malpractice suit just to temporarily satisfy me so I’ll shut up.

Ernesto: You are on some days.

Aimee: What are you guys arguing about?

Dave: We didn’t mean to wake you, honey.

Aimee: It’s two in the afternoon, I was only taking a nap. It’s not like I was in the middle of a night’s sleep, don’t be sorry.

Dave: Did you hear the good news?

Aimee: I think I can go home, but there were questions about whether that was due to me healing well enough to finish recovery at home or if it was because mom is annoying.

Cherie: When have I ever been annoying?

Kimmy: Was that rhetorical or…?

Cherie: Rhetorical.

Kimmy: Just checking.

Aimee: So I really can go?

Dave: Sure can! Izzy is very excited to get out of here, too!

Aimee: Izzy?

Dave: One day you’ll wise up and accept that nickname for our daughter, I just know it.

Aimee: Not gonna happen.

Ernesto: Honey, I know this may not be on the top of your mind, but have you put any thought into your Senate swearing-in? It is tomorrow, after all. I haven’t heard you mention it once, so I wasn’t sure if you remembered.

Aimee: That’s tomorrow?

Kimmy: Oh no, she has no idea it’s tomorrow. She’s going to show up to the Senate in a dress she bought from Kohl’s.

Aimee: I’m kidding! And there’s nothing wrong with Kohl’s!

Victoria: You need to aim higher, though. Gotta wear something really nice for your big day.

Cherie: Victoria prefers to purchase her clothing secondhand from Carole Baskin. Ignore her advice.

Aimee: I’m not worried about the wardrobe, it will be fine.

Dave: You know, she’s more of a Macy’s shopper anyway.

Aimee: I really prefer JCPenney, but that isn’t the point!

Cherie: JCPenney? Aimee…

Victoria: It’s not Ross Dress For Less, that’s something, I guess.

Ernesto: I’m completely lost.

Kimmy: That’s because you never go shopping for clothing. You just wear whatever mom gets you for Christmas.

Ernesto: The system works, why tinker with it?

Aimee: I know you guys have been able to go home and rest -

Kimmy: Not home. Aunt Victoria’s apartment. It’s been torture.

Aimee: I have not been afforded even that degree of luxury. I’ve been wearing what feels like a sheet for nearly a week, while in a crappy bed in a tiny room where I can’t even turn the volume up on my TV. I’m a senator-elect, I shouldn’t need to live like this!

Kimmy: Your privilege is showing.

Victoria: What is wrong with my apartment, exactly?

Kimmy: It’s not made for five adults and two screaming children.

Victoria: I thought we were all having fun!

Cherie: What part of the experience came off as “fun” to you?

Victoria: Togetherness is fun!

Ernesto: Glad it is for you, at least.

Aimee: I am ready to go home, let’s go.

Dave: You’re still in your hospital gown, honey.

Aimee: If you’d all leave, I could change out of this and into my actual clothes.

Kimmy: Shouldn’t we wait for them to officially discharge you?

Aimee: No, Kimmy. No, we should not!

Kimmy: Okay, sorry for opening my mouth.

Aimee: You should be.

Ernesto: I think someone’s a little grumpy today…

Kimmy: Maybe we should have made her go back to napping.

Two hours later, at Victoria’s apartment…

Cherie: Aimee, you’ve been home for an hour after spending a week at the hospital. Where are you off to?

Ernesto: Is she sneaking off like a high school girl?

Aimee: I have to go to Carolyn’s and then to Denise’s. No one make a big deal about it. Please.

Cherie: You don’t want to spend time with Isabel before you start your new job tomorrow?

Aimee: It’s not that I don't want to spend time with her, it’s that I have a lot to get done before tomorrow. I’ll try to get back as soon as possible.

Dave: I can watch her, but please don’t tire yourself out. You’re just getting over being sick, you can’t over-work yourself.

Kimmy: And we will watch Dave for you. Just in case.

Aimee: I’m going to be fine, none of you have any need to worry about me!

Cherie: Call if you need anything!

Aimee: I will, mother.

Cherie: And don’t stay out too late!

Aimee: Now I really am starting to feel like a high school girl.

Ernesto: We’re calling the police if you stay out after nine.

Aimee: Dad!

Ernesto: I was kidding! Come on, mija, take a joke!

Thirty minutes later, at Carolyn’s house…

Carolyn: You came here all for a dress? I would have brought it to you.

Aimee: Carolyn, I just needed to get away from them. They’re so sweet and caring, but everyone needs a little time away from their family for the sake of their own sanity.

Carolyn: They were always there?

Aimee: I had to wake up at three AM while I was in the hospital just so I could be awake while they weren’t. And even then, I could only stare at the ceiling without moving so that I didn’t wake anyone.

Carolyn: Were you in the hospital or in a hostage situation?

Aimee: I… honestly don’t know.

Carolyn: How are you feeling, other than tired of your family?

Aimee: Tired in general. Stressed, very stressed.

Carolyn: A lot has been thrown at you lately. New job in the Senate, giving birth, an internal infection… any reasonable person would be stressed.

Aimee: I am excited, too, though. A new baby and a new job, it’s like I’m being reborn.

Carolyn: You’ve gone from a US Representative and mother of two to a US Senator and mother of three. You’re an all-new you!

Aimee: I sound ridiculous, don't I?

Carolyn: Of course you don’t! This is a lot of new things to process at once. Your life is going to be so much different, not to stress you out further.

Aimee: This is the last day for at least six years where I won’t be a senator. Pretty surreal to think about.

Carolyn: You’re the most liberal Republican in a Senate that’s just one vote away from being a filibuster-proof Democratic majority. You’re in for a busy few years of being schmoozed by the Democrats.

Aimee: I hope they bribe me with practical things. I don’t need new jewelry or a beach vacation. Give me a new car, give me cash, give me a meet and greet with Jason Momoa.

Carolyn: A meet and greet with Aquaman is “practical?”

Aimee: Let me have my fantasies, Carolyn.

Carolyn: I think I’m going to have to tell Dave.

Aimee: I let Dave have Christine Baranski, I get Jason Momoa.

Carolyn: The lady from The Grinch?

Aimee: He’s a very weird man, Car.

Carolyn: You married him.

Aimee: I didn’t say I don’t love him.

Carolyn: I get the feeling. Bob’s a freak, too.

Aimee: I guess I should stop the chitchat and get that dress. Can’t be gone too long or my family  will start a search and rescue mission to find me.

Carolyn: Let me grab it.

Aimee: Thank you for picking it up, by the way. The old one I had was from Kohl’s and I was told that that isn’t appropriate to wear for such a grand occasion.

Carolyn: It’s no trouble at all. And thank god you got a new dress. Lynette’s the only one in that Senate who needs to roll up looking Kohl’s chic.

The next morning, in the car ride to the Capitol…

Aimee: Denise, are they aware we’re on our way?

Denise: I don’t think there’s a check-in time, it’s not a Hyatt.

Aimee: Denise, it’s too early for humor.

Kimmy: It’s ten in the morning.

Aimee: Wait ’til noon.

Kimmy: Did you drink your coffee today?

Aimee: I’m breastfeeding, I can’t drink coffee! Thanks, Dave!

Dave: What did I do now?

Ernesto: You stole her innocence.

Kimmy: Innocence? Since when did she have that?

Cherie: Why is this conversation occurring today, of all days?

Ernesto: The better question is why we’re letting Victoria drive.

Victoria: I’m a good driver!

Cherie: You don't even know how to parallel park.

Victoria: Neither did Olivia Rodrigo, and she made a whole career out of being able to drive.

Kimmy: Introducing Aunt Victoria to modern pop culture was a mistake.

Victoria: I Twitter. I TikTok. I would have found out about your pop superstars all on my own, thank you very much.

Cherie: Kate Bush is the world’s preeminent pop superstar if you ask Victoria.

Kimmy: She wouldn’t be all that far off.

Victoria: And it’s all thanks to Bobby Brown.

Kimmy: Millie Bobby Brown.

Victoria: Close enough.

Aimee: Why are we talking about this? Any of this? I have sort of. Algae responsibility to focus on for today.

Victoria: It’s just small talk while we’re stuck in traffic.

Aimee: While we’re what?

Denise: It’s not too bad, don’t worry. We’re going to make it in time.

Aimee: I would hope so. What do they do if a senator just doesn’t show up to be sworn in? Nullify the election? Does the runner-up get sworn in?

Kimmy: Here’s how Brian Delphy can still win:

Cherie: Not funny!

Kimmy: I thought it was at least a little funny.

Denise: You still get sworn in. But we’re moving again, so there’s no need to worry about it!

Aimee: You better be right, I can’t get a reputation for tardiness on my first-ever day in office.

Dave: Oh, look. We stopped again.

Kimmy: I wonder if this is all the revenge of that girl Aimee framed and had fired. Maybe she put a voodoo hex on her.

Denise: We only hit a traffic light.

Victoria: I know we’re all on edge, but there truly is no need to worry! You’re all in good hands!

Ernesto: Let’s get out and walk the rest of the way.

Thirty minutes later, at the Capitol…

Aimee: Well, we managed to make it in one piece.

Denise: I should go let them know you're here.

Aimee: I thought we didn’t need to check in because it’s not a Hyatt?

Denise: Wow, you really were offended by that joke.

Aimee: I’ll get over it.

Alec: Aimee! Over here!

Aimee: Alec, what are you doing on the Senate side of the chamber? You need to be sworn in, too!

Nanette: We’re all here, Aimee.

Alec: We had to wish you luck on your big day.

Victor: The House swearing-in isn’t nearly as eventful, either. We show up five minutes before it starts, we’re good.

Alicia: Some of us have even been known to show up late.

Margo: Why are you looking at me? I feel like you’re all looking at me and I don’t appreciate it.

Aimee: Being late is something I could never imagine myself being. Not ever!

Margo: No need to rub it in!

Alicia: Fun fact: Margo never technically was sworn in to her first term. Two years of illegitimate votes cast.

Victor: I’ll make sure to use that in the attack ads against her next time.

Margo: Thanks a lot, Alicia.

Alicia: Whoops, sorry.

Carolyn: We’re distracting from Aimee’s moment.

Alec: We always find a way.

Nanette: We’re proud of you, Aimee.

Alec: You may be in the Senate now, which means you're one of them, but the House will always be in your heart. You’ll always be one of us.

Victor: One of the ragtag group of 435 members who can’t stand each other one bit, but we still try to accomplish something for the sake of America.

Nanette: I could always stand you so much more than I could stand the average colleague.

Alec: That brought a tear to my eye, Nanette.

Aimee: I’m not sure how you managed to get this group together, Alec, but I’m very glad you did.

Carolyn: How’d you know it wasn’t me?

Nanette: Or me?

Victor: It was very obvious this was not my doing, I’ll give you that.

Aimee: I don’t think Alicia would take Carolyn’s calls -

Carolyn: Would not, no.

Aimee: And I don’t think Victor would take Nanette’s. Also I don’t know if I’m high enough on her list of priorities to call up five other members to come send me off like this.

Alec: She does like you a lot!

Geraldine: Aimee, this meetin’ is very cute, but they want all the senators-elect to gather together to prepare for the swearing-in.

Nanette: We should let her go, then!

Geraldine: Madam Speaker, what in the world are you doing here?

Nanette: I could ask you the same question.

Geraldine: I work here.

Nanette: Good point.

Victor: How did I lose to this?

Nanette: You didn’t lose to me yet, the Speaker election isn’t for another hour!

Victor: There are about seventy Republicans in this Congress.

Nanette: I know, ain’t it beautiful?

Aimee: Thank you all for coming. Good luck with your own swearing-in. Have fun, Nanette.

Nanette: Oh, I will!

Geraldine: Tick tock, Aimee!

Aimee: One minute to talk to my family, okay?

Geraldine: I suppose.

Aimee: Guys, I gotta go. You have to head up to the balcony, you can watch the entire thing from up there.

Cherie: I’m gonna cry!

Aimee: Already?

Cherie: It’s just so emotional!

Ernesto: We’re very proud of you, honey.

Cherie: I never thought I’d get to see this day!

Ernesto: Because Washington is so Democratic, not because she didn’t believe in you.

Aimee: Thank you for the reassurance, dad.

Dave: Knock ‘em dead, honey.

Aimee: Let’s refrain form those words in here. There was an insurrection here like six months ago.

Dave: Oh, sorry.

Kimmy: Just try not to embarrass me, okay?

Aimee: I’ll try!

Denise: Can I go up to the balcony with them? I don’t know if that’s a thing campaign managers do or not but I want to see this.

Aimee: Of course you can.

Geraldine: Aimee, time to go!

Aimee: Okay, I have to go! Remember, there’s a ceremonial swearing-in after the official one and you all get to be a part of that. Don’t go anywhere until I come get you.

Cherie: See you soon, Senator!

Ten minutes later…

Sharon: You ready to rock and roll, Aimee?

Aimee: No, Bonnie Raitt. No, I am not. Your group’s up next, not mine.

Sharon: Oh, right.

Aimee: Also, I’m so nervous!

Lynette: From the excitement of seeing Dede?

Aimee: Oh, I forgot she swears us in. That’s gonna be fun.

Lynette: About as fun as a root canal.

Aimee: I technically voted to make her the President, she should like me!

Lynette: And yet, I fear she does not.

Five minutes later…

Geraldine: Okay, you two. Last group! Everyone else in this class is already a senator, time to join them!

Dede: The clerk will call the roll of the final group.

Clerk: Mrs. Ferrera Donahue of Washington, Ms. Chaffee of Wyoming.

Lynette: It’s go time, Aimee.

Aimee: I know, why do you think my face is clenched like this?

Lynette: It’s gonna be fine! Just focus on something other than how nervous you are.

Aimee turns to wave to her family in the balcony.

Kimmy: Go Aimee!

Cherie: Shh, we can’t talk!

Kimmy: You just talked!

Cherie: To tell you not to talk.

Kimmy: Seems hypocritical.

Lynette: Aimee, you coming?

Aimee: Yeah, I’m coming.

Lynette: Good, I need you by my side for this.

Aimee: No one I’d rather be beside right now.

Dede: Please raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter, so help you God?

Aimee: I do.

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