TVRGO June News Day: Finally Finale, Bake Your Heart Out Premiere, and More

Another month means another batch of news for TVRGO. Below consists of notable premieres, finales, and scheduling moves that are set to occur over the course of the next handful of weeks.

Season and Time Slot Premieres and Finales
WEDNESDAY, JULY 1: What In The World! Season 1 Finale
FRIDAY, JULY 3: Put Me In Season 2 Premiere
SATURDAY, JULY 4: The Bullpen Season 3 Premiere
SATURDAY, JULY 4: Bar Exam Season 2 Premiere (TVRGO Exclusive)
MONDAY, JULY 6: Raymond Island New Time Slot Premiere
THURSDAY, JULY 9: Bake Your Heart Out Season 2 Premiere
SUNDAY, JULY 26: The Book of Terri Season 2 Finale

Numb Humor Studios’ new hit What In The World! has been renewed for a second season.

TVRGO Website
The TVRGO website ( will be the exclusive home to the second season of Bar Exam, a spinoff of The Bullpen. There will often be heavy tie-ins on Bar Exam.

Soon, shows that have ended will show up after the ‘Submit Your Show’ card. These shows, as of now, are Finally Together, Finally Apart, Finally Back Home, Finally Growing Up, and Planet Z. This is in addition to the shows already there: miniseries Let’s Get Presidential alongside the pilots of Delta! and Terror In America, which did not become full series.

Shows not about to join them are Bake Your Heart Out, Bar Exam, College, Marietta, Network, Our House, Put Me In, Raymond Island, The Bullpen, The Book of Terri, What In The World!, Whoa Folks I Had Another Dream, and Writer’s Block. All of these shows are either amidst a season or are scheduled to start a new season in the future.

Finally Finale
The Finally franchise is coming to a close. Finally Together and its three spinoffs, Finally Apart, Finally Back Home, and Finally Growing Up, will bid goodbye to TVRGO on Friday, June 26.

The series finale will be posted at 8pm Eastern time. A retrospective will be posted at 7pm, featuring a discussion of the franchise and a few polls.

In anticipation of the finale, visit the TVRGO website (link above) to read any and all episodes of the shows. Click on the title cards, and you will be redirected to the respective scripts.

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