Friday TV Ratings 6/26/20: Daytime Emmys Abysmal, Shark Tank Repeat and 20/20 Tie Smackdown for the Win (UPDATED)

Preliminary Anaylsis: The socially-distant 47th Daytime Emmy Awards (0.3) completely failed to gain any traction on CBS, going a good bit below the drama encores the network normally airs on Friday nights. It led into a 10pm repeat of 'Blue Bloods' (0.2) that went a tenth or two below its usual delivery. CBS's efforts were put to shame by NBC's repeat trio of 'World of Dance' (0.3), 'The Wall' (0.4), and 'Dateline' (0.4). Elsewhere, ABC's 'Shark Tank' & '20/20' repeat duo (0.5/0.5) matched a steady 'WWE Smackdown' (0.5) on Fox for the top spot of the night. The CW remained noncompetitive with 0.1s across the board for an original 'Masters of Illusion' (0.1) and a slew of repeat showings (0.1/0.1/0.1).

Finals Update: The repeat of The Wall (-0.1) adjusted down.

18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMWWE Smackdown0.5/42.17Fox

Shark Tank (R)0.5/43.15ABC

World of Dance (R)0.3/31.86NBC

47th Daytime Emmy Awards0.3/23.02CBS

Masters of Illusion0.1/10.77The CW
8:30 PMMasters of Illusion (R)0.1/00.64The CW
9 PM20/20 (R)0.5/43.51ABC

The Wall (R)0.3/31.99NBC

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (R)0.1/10.62The CW
9:30 PMWhose Line Is It Anyway? (R)0.1/10.68The CW
10 PMDateline NBC (R)0.4/32.60NBC

Blue Bloods (R)0.2/23.06CBS

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