TVRG’s Best And Worst: Most Entertaining Reality TV Show

Sex, violence and the weather seem to be what television networks think needs to create high ratings.  Be grateful FOX ignored that and launched The Masked Singer, a fun, family-friendly reality TV franchise updating the singing competition model made popular by The Voice and American Idol.  While both targeted the coveted teen and young adult audience, The Masked Singer targeted their kids and parents.  The costumes are fun, energetic and get the kiddies raving.  Long before wearing masks in 2020 became a frightening reality and political statement, FOX made it hip and left a little mystery to its viewers, something it long lacked.  Adults enjoy the mystery of cracking who's vocals are hidden behind the outrageous costumes.  All walks of life are welcome, no matter how old or young.  Parents have longed for the days their children could enjoy a family-friendly network show without suggestive elements being lined in, as well as not wanting to pull their hair out with shows only centered on children which can be found on PBS, Disney Junior or Nick Jr.

The contestants can be anyone, as long as they can hold a tune.  Whether established labels like Joey Fatone, Chris Daughtry, Patti LaBelle or Seal.  Or comedians like Margaret Cho, Drew Carey, Sherri Shepard or Tommie Chong.  Even folks who have never acted nor sang professionally such as boxers (Laila Ali), NBA allstars (Victor Oladipo), doctors (Dr. Drew Pinsky) or politicians (Tina Fey...  errr Sarah Palin) have entertained and wowed the masses.  And even Tori Spelling stayed masked for five episodes.  And most fittingly, Ken Jeong and Joel McHale hold the crackle and banter to hold the series together.  The Masked Singer picked a diverse pallet, keeping the mystery alive and the ratings are the proof.  Early 2019 saw live+same day 18-49 demographics ranging from 2.2-3.6, astronomical for that respective season.  The following season delivered a little lower from 1.4-2.3 (save for a Superbowl-boosted 8.1 entry), still uncharted for a season which experienced massive ratings loss.

After The Masked Singer blazed into Wednesday nights and helped FOX reclaim the trophy for 1st place, the network made the right progression by relocating brasher programming such as Empire and Almost Family (read about it in WORST SCRIPTED SERIES) elsewhere and paving the way for Lego Masters to create yet another family friendly evening getting back to the basics.  Nary a curse-word, violent theme or suggested sexuality exists, as all are welcome including the kiddies.  The 2010's were a notoriously racy decade for television, and it is a breath of fresh air to see networks still hold value for family-friendly programming.  Fellow reality TV singing platforms American Idol and The Voice are just what teens and young adults like as the young starlets bring the drama they know so well.  Let them rest on those franchises and keep The Masked Singer's Tree lit with the fundamentals all of America enjoys.

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