Summer Renew/Cancel Week 5: Game Over for Hollywood Game Night, Bachelor Greatest Seasons Not Looking Great

It's a big week for the Summer Renew/Cancel, with three new shows joining the spread and one in the move. Keep reading to see initial predictions for Hollywood Game Night, The Bachelor - The Greatest Seasons and Bulletproof, and see which show is moving!
Certain to be Canceled:
The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever! (0.4)
Council of Dads (0.4)
Labor of Love (0.2)

Likely to be Canceled:
Celebrity Watch Party (0.4)
Hollywood Game Night (0.3)
The Wall (0.5)

Leans Cancellation:
The Baker and The Beauty (0.5)
The Genetic Detective (0.4)

Leans Renewal:
Game On! (0.6)
Songland (0.6)
The Titan Games (0.8)

Likely to be Renewed:
Bulletproof (0.1)
Burden of Truth (0.1)
DC's Stargirl (0.2)
Holey Moley (0.8)
Ultimate Tag (0.7)

Certain to be Renewed:
America's Got Talent (1.4)
Celebrity Family Feud (0.8)
Match Game (0.5)
Press Your Luck (0.6)
To Tell The Truth (0.7)
World of Dance (0.9)

Fate Determined:
The 100 (Final Season)
Agents of SHIELD (Final Season)
Blindspot (Final Season)
Broke (Canceled)
In the Dark (Renewed)
Man with a Plan (Canceled)
Masters of Illusion (Renewed)
Penn & Teller: Fool Us (Renewed)
Roswell, New Mexico (Renewed)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Renewed)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Renewed)

Yet to Premiere:
Big Brother
Tough As Nails
What Would You Do?

Hollywood Game Night: The long-running NBC game show returned this week in just about the worst slot imaginable: Sundays at 7. Its ratings reflected that, with just a 0.3. It can at least brag that it didn't hit a 0.1 in either half-hour (like Little Big Shots), not that that's much of an accomplishment. Promotion for the episode was minimal, and it seems to just be a burnoff of episodes recorded last year. The show hasn't been a strong performer for some time, but it's extremely cheap and received numerous Emmy nominations. Perhaps not coincidentally, last year was the first time she was eligible that Jane Lynch didn't receive a nomination for Outstanding Host for a Reality Program. It's possible that, combined with modest (but not horrible) ratings last year, the Emmy snub was the last straw and NBC decided they were done. They did bring it back last month for a Red Nose Day special that was clearly recorded recently (it was filmed via Zoom), but it's possible that that was just to fill needed space and they don't care to continue with the actual show that requires production and a studio. With few things pointing in HGN's favor, it's a LIKELY CANCELLATION.

The Genetic Detective: While 0.4 isn't anything to brag about, it's also not that horrible of a number for a summer filler show at 10 o'clock with 0.4 lead-ins for two-thirds of its episodes. New dramas like Stumptown, For Life and The Baker and the Beauty all went that low, and Emergence even went to 0.3, with most of these shows hitting that number with larger lead-ins and all of them certainly being far more expensive and having more promotion. Genetic Detective feels like something we've seen every year for the past few years on ABC: a summer Tuesday reality show that lasts a single season, despite being inexpensive. However, its steadiness and cost-effectiveness can't be ignored, and I think likely cancellation is too harsh. It only LEANS CANCELLATION.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever!: An idea that never had much potential ratings-wise, ABC debuted a weekly Bachelor clip show, titled "The Greatest Seasons - Ever!," to little interest. Bachelor fans are quite loyal to the three main shows, but neither of the 2020 newbies drew much interest, with Greatest Seasons bombing much worse than Listen To Your Heart. Considering that they really have no place for this in a regular, COVID-less season, this was never a show that had much of a chance at longevity, but the 0.4 seals its fate. It's a CERTAIN CANCELLATION.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me vote in the comments and don't forget to vote in the polls of the week!

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