Network - Episode 2.02 - See You in Court

2x02 - “See You in Court”

By: Jessica Boggs

It has not been a week since the controversy with Ash, but network headquarters is swarming in controversy since Ash resigned as network president. Charlie is holding her own as interim network president. All of a sudden, a woman storms into the office with allegations. Her name is Carolyn.

Carolyn: Where is he?
Charlie: I don’t know what you are talking about.
Carolyn: That bastard.
Charlie: Lady, I don’t know where the bastard is.
Carolyn: Ash Chambers!
Charlie: He doesn’t work at this network anymore.

The scorned Carolyn then pauses.

Carolyn: He doesn’t?
Charlie: He doesn’t.
Carolyn: Okay. I didn’t know. But next time you see him or his new bride, I have papers. See you in court.

Carolyn, like Alexis Carrington from Dynasty, makes a dramatic exit from the scene.

Charlie: What the hell was that?

Charlie holds what appears to be a subpoena.

Charlie: This whole network has been subpoenaed in a lawsuit against, you guessed it, the entire network for allegedly “covering up” domestic violence allegations.

Leah then enters the scene in shock.

Leah: Who does that b**** think she is?
Charlie: I am thinking the same thing. We’ve been summoned in her lawsuit against us.
Leah: Wow. How theatrical. Soap opera type theatrical.
Charlie: I think I know exactly how to get dirt on his alleged ex.
Leah: Holly would be good enough to get some information.
Charlie: Is she in law school now?
Leah: Close. She is in school for information technology. She is interning at the FBI.
Charlie: Maybe she can help us uncover some sketchy s***. That lady that gave me the subpoena sure looks sketchy to me.
Leah: Anything to clear my husband.

Charlie and Holly are at the office figuring out how to use damage control.

Charlie: Say Holly, I didn’t know you even interned at the FBI.
Holly: I know. Shocker. I quit my job as a bartender a while back and decided to go back to school. The job I have now takes the cake.
Charlie: I’m sure you heard about what’s going on at network headquarters. We are dealing with a literal s*** show. Ash Chambers is dealing with domestic violence allegations.
Holly: Domestic violence?!?
Charlie: Yep.
Holly: That does not sound like Ash. At all.
Charlie: I know. Which is why I am wondering if you can help me dig dirt on Carolyn Chambers.
Holly: Let’s see.

Holly then motions for Charlie to move out of the way and logs into the computer. Holly wants to look up incriminating information, so she Googles Carolyn’s name.

Holly: Look Charlie!
Charlie: What is it?
Holly: Carolyn Chambers’ arrest report.
Charlie: Let me see.

Charlie then looks at the information.

Charlie: That b****!
Holly: Want to guess the charge?
Charlie: Don’t say it. I know.
Holly: It was assault with a deadly weapon.
Charlie: I knew something was off with her. I just knew it.
Holly: What do you mean?
Charlie: Let me look up social media.
Holly: There is more.
Charlie: And it says that she lied about the allegations about him. He was never arrested for them, while she gets arrested for assaulting him. It also says that he filed a restraining order.
Holly: Oh my. This could be a retaliatory move.
Charlie: That’s exactly what it is. Retaliation. Wait until I get a baseball bat.
Holly: If it’s the same baseball bat used for an assault attempt on me months ago, I don’t think it’s a good idea.
Charlie: It is, but this time, it is with good reason. She f****** lied about Ash. That is not cool.
Holly: Unfortunately under Marsy’s Law, if Ash acted in self defense, he gets punished for it.
Charlie: Now that is f***** up. Wait until I give the narcissist a piece of my mind.
Holly: Be careful, Charlie.
Charlie: As soon as this network president gets to court, I will give all the evidence and counter evidence.
Holly: I don’t think public record is permissible in court.
Charlie: We’ll see about that. She’ll think twice after going after her ex-husband who already filed a restraining order on her.

Next week on an explosive episode of Network, Charlie and the rest of network headquarters head to court in a courtroom fight of the ages!


NETWORK is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRG Originals and Boggs Productions.

 is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.


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