The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 9 Review

It's time for Barry's bachelor party of this week's Goldbergs! It feels like just yesterday that we first met his as a dumb, yet lovable, immature teenager and now his bachelor party is here. I'm getting all emotional just thinking about it.

Inspired by Lainey's bachelorette party, Barry asks Adam to throw him a bachelor party, which Adam excitedly agrees to. At school drop-off, Beverly is forced to take Murray's crappy old car and it goes terribly, with Beverly holding up the line because the doors won't open, meaning Barry and Adam can't get out. This causes Beverly to demand that he get a new car. Murray doesn't want that. Barry requests a bachelor party like the one in the movie Bachelor Party. Adam and Dave Kimberly watch the movie to get an idea of what party Barry wants, and they're horrified. Murray goes to the car lot to look at cars, and he ends up falling in love with "the Ferarri of Austria," which Beverly ends up getting for him. Adam ends up passing off bachelor party duties to Uncle Marvin.

Murray keeps getting compliments about his new car, which makes him feel special. That is, until the car falls apart. Uncle Marvin shows the guys his plan for Barry's bachelor party, and it's a disaster. They go ahead with it though, despite how glaringly awful it is. A mechanic tells Murray and Bev that the new car isn't ever going to work again. At the bachelor party, Barry freaks out and realizes that he isn't ready for marriage.

A conversation with Bill convinces Murray to apologize to Beverly and realize he has all that he needs. Adam cheers up Barry by telling him that his love for Lainey isn't childish, and he gives his the bachelor party he really needed. Murray makes things up to Beverly by offering to take her out for a picnic, and they forgive each other.

I enjoyed this episode, but it definitely was a step down from last week and it wasn't one of the stronger episodes of the season. Both plots felt really familiar despite focusing on unique topics, though I can't say that either was weak. Both had some great moments, but also felt somewhat forgettable at the same time. Barry's plot got a little too much attention, while Murray and Beverly's didn't get enough. It would have been nice to see that one explored a bit more, as I thought it was the slightly better one of the two. The ending to Murray and Beverly's plot was wonderful and so, so sweet. It's always great when the show puts focus on their relationship, and the ending to this week's plot was no exception. Despite neither plots being all that memorable, they both served their purpose for the week and made for an entertaining half-hour, which is really the most important thing. Also, it was great to see Uncle Marvin pop in for an all-too-brief appearance. He's always a welcome presence.
Score: 8/10

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