The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 5–Starter #5

Kurt: long-term reliever 
Lorenzo: middle relief pitcher
Jason: left-handed specialist
Robert: 8th inning pitcher/setup man
Bryan: closer
Eli: various relief positions
Garry: Bullpen coach

*First pitch is thrown*
Garry: And Casual Friday is officially underway! 
Kurt: Always wanted to wear a Hawaiian shirt to a baseball game.
Bryan: And I feel great now that I can wear shorts.
Eli: I thought we all agreed on togas but I guess not.
Robert: Nobody told me it was Casual Friday. 
Garry: It’s Casual Friday like every Friday.
Robert: Nobody told me it was Friday.
Jason: Lorenzo and I are still showing team pride on Casual Friday.
Garry: Those are jerseys from our opposing team, Jason.
Jason: I said, team pride.
Lorenzo: Not my fault I haven’t been traded to my favorite team.
Eli: If that favorite team of yours scores too many runs they might make you come into the game.
Lorenzo: The baseball game?
Eli: Yeah...
Lorenzo: Anyone have an extra shirt?
Eli: Ask the guys on your favorite team. Might as well take advantage of having another bullpen right next to us in this game.
Lorenzo: Hey you guys have an extra shirt?
Jason: Make that two!
Opposing Team Bullpen Member: Yeah I got one of my jerseys
Jason:  Actually we’re not supposed to wear your jerseys, even though you’re our favorite team.
Opposing Team Bullpen Member: Wait is it Casual Friday? *yells to his bullpen* Hey Ron, it’s Casual Friday! *to Jason* how about we come over to your place?
Jason: Well we might need this space to warm up later in the game.
Opposing Team Bullpen Member: You guys haven’t pitched in about a month, why start now? *yelling to his bullpen* Party at the other team’s bullpen!
*opposing team hops over the fence to the other bullpen*
Garry: Sorry we have a strict no people from the other team policy.
Opposing Team Bullpen Member: No you don’t. Let me introduce myself, I’m Simon.
Garry: Nice to meet you Simon...I guess. Look, what’s your plan?
Simon: To celebrate Casual Friday! Also, I’m kind of sick of warming up every game and you guys don’t seem to do anything around here so it’s the perfect place.
Jason: We do stuff.
Simon: Like what?
Jason: Baseball stuff.
Opposing Team Bullpen Member #2: And I’m Ron. I pitch too much. Trying to get away from it all.
Garry: *tries to hold back a laugh* Well you’re not going to find any fun here. 
*Bullpen laughs*
Simon: We know all about your recent activities. You do nothing.
Ron: And Bryan, I apologize for me trying to get out of today’s game, I know your fantasy team is relying on me as your closer.
Eli: Bryan you don’t have yourself on your fantasy team?
Bryan: Ron is a better closer than me, pretty much everyone who follows baseball knows that.
Lorenzo: You’re the best closer on the team.
Bryan: Am I? Right now we have five closers, and every day they’re the same guys who started the game. I’m #6 at best.
Simon: So back to Casual Friday...
Garry: Terrible idea apparently. No more Casual Fridays going forward everyone.
Simon: I got music if we want to turn Casual Friday in party night! *blasts music*
Ron: Lower that! Our team is batting and it’s probably distracting them.
Simon: We’re gonna lose no matter what, might as well have fun as we all watch.
Lorenzo: Actually, we don’t really watch the game here.
Bryan: Well we watch Go Fish, Battleship, and Rock Paper Scissors. 
Jason: Those don’t count Bryan.
Bryan: Just trying to boost our credit a little.
Robert: Hey can you turn your music down! It’s hard to hear my music over yours.
Garry: Also, trying to take my nap.
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: Ron and Simon, what are you guys doing?
Ron: Hanging out with the fun team, what are you doing? 
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: We need a pitcher in soon and I really don’t care at all about who it is so I want as many people warming up at once as possible. *looks at Garry* That their coach?
Simon: Yeah, he’s trying to take a nap though, you don’t want to anger him.
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: *looks at Eli* Hey you over there!
Eli: Yes sir?
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: My guys are gonna start using your bullpen to warm up. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up. 
Eli: That’s our bullpen though.
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: Somebody has to use it. *Simon and Ron get ready to pitch*
Simon: Ron and I are gonna need some guys ready to catch...
Jason: On it.
Robert: I’ll get Ron, you get Simon.
*Pitchers start warming up. Big screen zooms in on the bullpen.*
Garry: Why are the people booing again? Can I not just take my nap?
Kurt: Jason and Lorenzo are helping two guys from the opposing team warm up. 
Garry: Really guys? 
Kurt: We’re pretty much the most famous part of this entire team and we don’t even step foot on the field. What’s the matter with us?

Lorenzo: If you ask me, that’s success. The media loves us for this.

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