The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 6–Starter #1: 2nd Start

Kurt: long-term reliever 
Lorenzo: middle relief pitcher
Jason: left-handed specialist
Robert: 8th inning pitcher/setup man
Bryan: closer
Eli: various relief positions
Garry: Bullpen coach

*bullpen phone rings*
Team Manager: Alright, that’s the 2nd time I’ve called the bullpen with no answer. Down 3-0 in the first inning, we might be using them today. If only they answered the phone.
*cut to Robert in his home*
Robert: *on the phone* Hey Jason, so apparently the game started 15 minutes ago, I thought it was supposed to start at 8?
Jason: What game?
Robert: The team we technically play on has a game tonight.
Jason: They won’t need us anyways. I’ll leave in a few minutes.
Robert: It’s the first inning and they’re down 3-0. Start heading over when you can, I’ll call the rest.
*all arrive to the bullpen slightly disheveled around the same time*
Garry: Nobody told me the game was at 7. Why do people never tell me things, I am the bullpen coach after all.
Kurt: Think you just answered your own question.
*phone rings*
Eli: We should pick that up, we’re down 4-0 now. They’re actually calling us to have someone warm up! 
Garry: Let it ring.
Bryan: Don’t you want us to go in the game?
Garry: No, and I’m sure you all don’t either.
Bryan: How bad could it be? Let’s get through this one game and then we’ll be free for another month. 
Lorenzo: It was due to happen. I just hope they don’t call me of all people to warm up.
*phone rings again*
Jason: For the love of God Garry can you pick that up?
Garry: If you all insist. *listens on the phone*. Lorenzo time to warm up.
Lorenzo: *softly* Why is it always me? Jason, you wanted to pick it up so badly, I say you be my catcher.
Jason: Just don’t throw too fast, you know I don’t know how to catch.
*Lorenzo throws the first warm-up pitch and it goes into the outfield.*
Lorenzo: Hey! Fred, can we have our ball back?
Fred: Here you go teammate. 
Lorenzo: Thanks so much. *hit goes right to where the center fielder was originally, leading to a run scored*
Kurt: Nice going Lorenzo, you gave up a run.
Garry: Lorenzo the dugout called, you’re in the game now.
Kurt: Wait they’re just skipping over me? I’m the long-term reliever!
Garry: They’re punishing Lorenzo. *to Lorenzo* tell you what, when you come back I’ll get you as many chicken wings as you get outs.
Lorenzo: I’m ready to pitch, coach! *pitches and comes back to the dugout for his one chicken wing*
Jason: *on his cell phone* Hey mom! I’m about to be on TV! Can you believe it? *to his teammates* anyone know what channel we’re on? *goes to pitch, comes back to the bullpen to a celebration*
Garry: Eli, dugout called, your turn. 
Eli: I’m ready Garry. My fantasy team needs me. *pitches and comes back to a celebration*
Garry: Alright Kurt, we’re gonna need you for a couple innings now, you ready?
Kurt: No.
Garry: Have fun on the mound. *pitches and comes back to a celebration*
Garry: 8th inning Robert, it’s all you now!
Robert: Really? You trust me? Thank you!
Garry: Never said I trusted you, just relaying the message from the dugout. *Robert goes in to pitch, comes back to a bullpen celebration.*
Bryan: You know what? I feel ready. I don’t think I can mess this up.
Garry: That’s the spirit Bryan, go out there and close out the game. 
Bryan: I sense 3 strikeouts in a row coming! *pitches and comes back to a bullpen celebration*
Robert: We did it everyone! We got through the game! 
Jason: Let me just say I’m so proud of all of us, we really came together as a team to do what we do best.
Kurt: Finally, our time to be watched while we’re actually on the field.
Lorenzo: And not chasing after cotton candy either! *pauses* That reminds me I never got cotton candy today.
Garry: I knew my bullpen could get through the game. We learned a lot today. We showed great teamwork and came together even though we were all scared to go into the game at first.
Bryan: And I didn’t lose the game for us! No blown save for this guy!
Garry: You should all be very proud of yourselves. As they say, it doesn’t matter what the final score is, what matters is that you had fun. You win some you lose some. *cut to the scoreboard showing a 22-1 loss*

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