The Conners Season 1 Episode 7 Review

On tonight's Christmas-but-not-really episode of The Conners, we focus on two of the show's newest relationships: Jackie and Peter and Darlene and Ben. Is love in the air, or will there be a whole lotta heartbreak in store? Plus, Blue shows up and tries to help Darlene. Wait, that can't be right...

Darlene and Ben are trying to figure out the future of their potential relationship, and it's incredibly awkward. Well, until Darlene kisses Ben. Jackie shows up with her boyfriend Peter, and he asks Dan to repair his new bike. Dan refuses at first, but Jackie is able to convince him. Later on, Darlene and Becky have an... interesting conversation about Darlene's new relationship with Ben. Peter and Dan run into each other at the restaurant and get into an argument, with Peter insulting Dan's intellegence. On a date at his apartment, Darlene and Ben bud heads over dinner, which ends with Darlene leaving early.

Blue talks to Darlene over some coffee, and Blue ends up giving Darlene some relationship advice. Jackie confronts Dan about his argument with Peter, and he tries to tell her that she's being taken advantage of. She doesn't believe it, and tells him that her relationship is mutually beneficial for her and Peter. At work, Darlene and Ben make up, and decide to try and make their relationship work.

This was my least-favorite episode of The Conners so far. I was looking forward to seeing more of Peter this time around, and we didn't really get as much of that story as I'd have liked. Instead, the episode focused more on Darlene and Ben's relationship, which I'm honestly not very interested in. This episode didn't exactly do anything to make me more interested in that relationship, making it a pretty big annoyance already. There was still plenty of enjoyable moments to be found though, pretty much any scene with Dan in it included.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I would have liked to see Dan knock Peter out, because he's a huge idiot. Also, Becky wasn't onscreen nearly enough in this episode and I'm upset. Maybe next week's episode will help me get over it.

Score: 7.5/10
Grade: B-

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