The TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database - Summer & Fall 2018

Welcome to the TV Ratings Guide's Cable Ratings Database - Summer & Fall 2018 edition! Here, you'll find the ratings for select programs that aired primarily in Summer & Fall 2018 2018, all of which were covered by us in our daily cable ratings posts during those seasons. The shows are categorized by the days that they aired, and they can all be found below. Just click on each show below and it will take you to that show's fully-completed ratings page.








Daily Programs:
Anderson Cooper 360 June & July
At This Hour June & July
Conan June & July
Cuomo Prime Time June & July
The Daily Show June & July
Deadline: White House June & July
Erin Burnett OutFront June & July
Hannity June & July
House Hunters June & July
House Hunters International June & July
The Ingraham Angle June & July
The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell June & July
The Lead with Jake Tapper June & July
Morning Joe June & July
The Rachel Maddow Show June & July
Tucker Carlson Tonight June & July
Velshi & Ruhle June & July
Wolf June & July
Anderson Cooper 360 August & September
At This Hour August & September
Conan August & September
Cuomo Prime Time August & September
The Daily Show August & September
Deadline: White House August & September
Erin Burnett OutFront August & September
Hannity August & September
House Hunters August & September
House Hunters International August & September
The Ingraham Angle August & September
The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell August & September
The Lead with Jake Tapper August & September
Morning Joe August & September
The Rachel Maddow Show August & September
Tucker Carlson Tonight August & September
Velshi & Ruhle August & September
Wolf August & September

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