Network - Episode 2.00 - Holiday Hijinks (Holiday Special)

2x00 Holiday Special - “Holiday Hijinks”

Jessica Boggs

The holidays are rolling into network headquarters, and the gang is getting excited about spreading some Christmas cheer. Note, this is taking place a couple of weeks after the events of season 1 and a couple months before the events of season 2, so TVRGO is noting this as a special episode. Leah and Ash are married since early December. Kasey is officially around three months pregnant. And thus, we begin Network’s first Christmas holiday special!

Leah: Merry Christmas, Kasey!
Kasey: Merry Christmas! Wait, isn’t this place decorated for Christmas already?
Leah: Yep. Say, how’s the little one holding up.
Kasey: Well, Jesse and I found out we were further along than we previously thought. I’m 11 weeks at the moment.
Leah: Whoa. You got pregnant in early October and I didn’t know about it?
Kasey: Strange but true. I didn’t even get morning sickness until at around 7-8 weeks.
Leah: Wow. You’re glowing already! Can’t wait to meet the little peanut.
Kasey: I know. I’m still in shock.

Jesse and Ash are having a conversation in the office.

Ash: Well Jesse, you are doing a good job getting things in order. Now I will say a few things.
Jesse: Okay.
Ash: Fatherhood is a great responsibility. After Holly’s miscarriage, this happens again, but this time it’s with Kasey.
Jesse: It is a struggle. I never thought this would happen again.
Ash: Now, Jesse, there comes a point in time where you have to accept responsibility for your own actions. It is a part of learning and growing as a human being.
Jesse: Now how will I go about doing that?
Ash: It’s important to have some accountability in things.
Jesse: Okay. To be honest, I’ve hurt both Leah and Holly in what I’ve done.
Ash: Admitting your faults is a start. I’ve invited Holly over to the office for the Christmas dinner. It will be at the conference room.
Jesse: I didn’t know about that.
Ash: It’s more likely Leah’s idea.
Jesse: Things got tense at the wedding.
Ash: I saw that.
Jesse: I guess I need to admit I was wrong.
Ash: That’s a start.
Jesse: Hopefully she’ll forgive me before Charlie threatens me with a baseball bat.
Ash: What does Charlie have anything to do with attempting to smooth things over?
Jesse: Nothing. But she hates my guts.
Ash: Ah, Charlie is Charlie. Feisty as she can be. Nothing to worry about. Now run along to the conference room. I have business to attend to. I got the showrunners of Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream to meet with.
Jesse: Will do.

Jesse exits the scene. Jack and Noah enter the scene.

Ash: Welcome back, gentlemen.
Jack: Thank you for having us.
Ash: Congratulations. Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream is going straight to series.
Noah: For real?
Ash: Yes. The network really loved your pitch.
Jack: Wow. Thank you.
Noah: Five years in the making.
Ash: You should be proud of yourselves. Say, do you guys want to join us in the conference room for the Christmas party?
Noah: Sure.


Jesse, Kasey, Leah, Matt, and Holly set the table for a holiday dinner.

Kasey: Wow. We are all set.
Jesse: So much food.
Holly: I thought I was going to miss out a bit, but thank you guys for inviting me.
Leah: Well, we didn’t want you to miss it for the world.
Jesse: Holly, I’m sorry. I was wrong for hurting you the way I did. I don’t expect you to forgive me.
Holly: Thank you, Jesse. Apology accepted. I forgive you and I hope you continue to grow as a person and learn from this.
Leah: I never thought this would happen.
Matt: Me either.
Holly: Let’s get on with the party.

Charlie abruptly shows up to the scene.

Leah: Charlie, what are you doing here?
Charlie: I’ve come to settle the score.
Matt: Settle what? It’s Christmas.
Charlie: What? Do you think I was going to stop Christmas from coming like that filthy green monster from that cave?
Jesse: I’m guessing you are talking about the Grinch.
Charlie: Exactly. Surprised you got your head screwed on right today.
Jesse: What do you mean?
Charlie: You are acting out of character compared to the last few months.
Jesse: Because I’m righting a wrong and I’m becoming a father.
Charlie: How could you say that? Baby Meadows hasn’t even been born yet.
Kasey: Charlie!
Charlie: What?
Kasey: Not the time and place for a spat.
Charlie: Okay.

Ash, Jack, and Noah enter the scene.

Ash: Folks, the writers from Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream are here to join us. Jack, Noah, why don’t you sit down for a bite to eat.
Jack: We would love to.
Charlie: Now what are they doing here all of a sudden?
Noah: We’re here to celebrate the show getting picked up to series.
Jesse: Charlie, don’t antagonize the guys.
Charlie: I just have a few questions. How long did it take for you to plan this?
Jack: Spur of the moment. It was spontaneous.
Charlie: How long have you been writing scripts in general?
Noah: Five years, officially as a duo.
Kasey (chiming in): Wow. That’s impressive.
Jack: Considering that we first wrote sitcoms, I’m amazed our spur of the moment drama got picked up.
Noah: Maybe you should think of spur of the moment ideas more often.

The gang laughs.

Noah: Seriously, it is true.
Charlie: Do you think you have a potential hit drama on your hands?
Jack: I hope so. It depends on how we market it.
Ash: So, what are each of you guys thankful for this Christmas?
Kasey: My bun in the oven.
Jesse: You mean ours?
Kasey: You know what I meant.
Leah: Married life.
Holly: Personal growth for all of us.
Charlie: Not having to use a baseball bat on Meadows.
Jesse: Hey!
Charlie: Doesn’t mean I won’t do it if you screw up again.
Jack: Finally branching out to drama!
Noah: A psychological thriller.
Matt: The dinner, Ash.
Ash: Jesse’s personal growth.
Jesse: Well, thanks Ash.

As the gang settles for dinner and laughing about the good times, this holiday special concludes. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the TV Ratings Guide for the season 2 premiere of Network Sunday, December 30, and the series premiere of Writer’s Block Wednesday, January 2!

NETWORK is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRG Originals.

 is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.


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