Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Episode 10 (Christmas Special) Review

It's finally here!!! It's time for the most wonderful episode of the year: the Bob's Burgers Christmas show! I look forward to these every single year and I still hold the belief that no show does Christmas better than Bob's Burgers.

A record-breaking snowstorm has hit town, and the Belcher kids are planning on doing some sledding with friends. Unfortunately, Logan and friends have taken over the hill for a snowball fight. They decide to sled there anyway, and they end up getting pelted with snowballs. Linda finds some yard in the basement, and she decides to finally take up knitting and make the kids scarves for Christmas. Louise decides to talk to Logan, but that doesn't help and she throws a snowball at him before running away. Rudy's cousin Mandy is a softball pitcher, and they ask her for some help throwing snow at Logan and his friends.

Mandy is able to defeat Logan and his friends and make them retreat, giving the Belchers and their friends free reign of the hill for their sledding. Unfortunately, this doesn't last long. Logan and friends bring Cameron, a varsity basketball star, along with them. He takes out Mandy, leaving the younger kids with no defense, and they retreat. Linda's knitting isn't going very well, because it's taken hours to make knit a few inches. Bob is able to get it done a lot quicker, though. The kids tell Bob, Linda and Teddy about their issues with Logan, and they make some suggestions. Louise gets an idea to ask Teddy to plow the hill, which would ruin the hill for Logan and his friends. That night, Teddy calls to tell Louise that he couldn't go through with the plan because he doesn't want to get in trouble. Using Teddy's old bully as inspiration, Louise is able to convince him to plow the hill.

Teddy finishes plowing and rushes off, telling Louise that he was "never" there. Linda continues to struggle at knitting, and she has a nightmare about knitting. The next morning, the town is hit with even more snow, rendering Louise's plan useless. Louise is devestated, and she decides to try to sled anyway, wearing some kitchen items as armor. Despite reservations, Gene and Tina go along with her. At the hill, Louise's plan backfired even further, learning that the plowing made the old snow turn to ice, making it way worse than normal snowballs. And to make things worse, her "armor" falls off. Not a great day to be Louise.

Mandy shows back up with the entire softball, basketball, and lacrosse teams, and they pelt Logan and his friends with so many snowballs, causing his friends to retreat. However, Logan won't leave, and he grabs Louise to use as a human shield. Linda throws out Bob's scarves because she's so discouraged about her own struggle to knit. Bob tells her that they can give his two and her one scarf, and tell them that they're all from their grandmother, so neither of them will get the credit. Logan lets Louise go, and she helps him out be giving him a head start. That doesn't stop him from being pelted, but it's still something nice Louise did. On Christmas morning, all of the kids want Linda's scarf and not Bob's, because his are too perfect. This brings Linda a little too much joy. Poor Bob.

Despite having a much smaller focus on Christmas than the previous installments, this was still a worthy addition to the Bob's Burgers Christmas collection. The main plot of the episode was a genuine delight, perfectly utilizing recurring characers both old and new while still putting the Belcher kids (well, Louise) front and center. It didn't have much to do with Christmas, and was more of a winter theme, but it was still so very entertaining. Linda's plot was really what brought Christmas into the episode, and it was really entertaining. The nutcracker-themed dreams were really something else, and I found them absolutely wonderful. Her rivalry with Bob over scarf knitting was so funny, and the ending, which finally gave Linda a knitting-related win, was perfect. And it even made me want one of those raggedy little scarves. All in all, the lack of an overall Christmas theme keeps this episode from being on the level of Christmas In the Car, but it's something I'll certainly be watching every year anyway.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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