Will & Grace Season 10 Episode 8 Review

Will & Grace & Jack & Karen are going away for a little while, but they've got one episode left for us. A Karen divorce storyline gives us a guest appearance from Minnie Driver's Lorraine, while Will goes on a date with Matt Bomer and meets Adam Rippon along the way. My review of a guest star-heavy Will & Grace awaits.

Karen is still negotiating her divorce from Stan, and due to Stan having evidence of her affair, she's in danger of getting a lot less money than expected. At a coffee shop, Will and Jack spot local news anchor McCoy Whitman, and Will wants to talk to him. Jack stops him because he thinks Will will blow it, but McCoy actually comes over to Will to talk to him, and he asks him out. Karen is upset that Stan gets to win, especially since she knows that he also cheated. She and Grace set out to get photographic evidence of Stan cheating, so they go visit the only person they can think of that may have photos: Lorraine Finster.

Will is making dinner for McCoy, but since McCoy thinks that Will is actually dumb, Jack decides to pretend to have made the dinner so Will doesn't blow his cover. Grace talks to Lorraine and requests pictures, but Lorraine figures out that Grace wants the pictures for Karen and she refuses. However, Lorraine tells Grace that if she fills in for her at the strip club she works at for one night, she'll give her the pictures. Grace resists, but McCoy shows up at "Jack's" (AKA, Will's) apartment for his date with Will.

Karen talks directly to Lorraine about the pictures, and she refuses to give them to her once again. Karen is able to steal Lorraine's phone and get the pictures, and Lorraine actually wishes her luck with the divorce, because she also hates Stan. Will's date with McCoy is being interrupted by Jack, who just won't take the hint and leave. McCoy asks Jack a legal question, and he figures out that Jack's actually the dumb one and Will is the smart one. Will tells him off for refusing to date smart guys, and for calling Jack an idiot, and McCoy rushes odd. Jack thanks Will for standing up for him, and then immediately proves that he's the idiot McCoy said he was. And we love him for it.

I thought this was a pretty strong episode, even though Will's story was very unoriginal and felt oh-so familiar. Karen’s story was a lot of fun, especially since it brought the always-welcome Lorraine back for a hilarious guest stint. The entire plot was loads of fun, and seeing Karen bond with Lorraine after being arch-enemies for so long was a nice sight. The best part of Lorraine’s return is that it happened in a week where the attention could actually be on her, unlike last season’s appearance, which was just not the right time to bring her back. Despite its unoriginality, Will’s plot actually did have some really funny moments, nearly all of which were provided by Jack. Matt Bomer also did a good job playing McCoy, but Jack was the real star of the episode. Him trying to be smart and instead talking about Jude Law and coleslaw was wonderful. The ending to the plot was also equal parts heartwarming and hilarious, and I’m glad Will stood up for Jack. Their friendship is lovely.

I am disappointed that this is the midseason finale, though! I would have loved a holiday episode, since they always have great ones. I guess I’ll be rewatching last year’s Gay Olde Christmas, which I’ve really grown to appreciate, for my Will & Grace Christmas fix.

Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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