American Housewife Season 3 Episode 9 Review

Relationships of all kinds take the forefront on this week's American Housewife, which includes a road trip for Kathryn, Taylor and Oliver and a trip to school (uh oh) for Katie and Greg.

Taylor and Oliver are both having problems with love. Oliver is moping about Gina, while Taylor is getting a ton of texts from guys at school. Kathryn asks her about these "suitors" and she says she's not really interested in any of them. However, she is interested in Pierce, despite him not showing interest, so Kathryn gives her advice on getting his attention. Katie is now upset about her relationship with Greg not having a spark, so Doris tells her to get into an argument to give it a spark. Anna-Kat is feeling lonely because Franklin has chicken pox, but Katie tells her everything will be okay. And then, Katie puts her plan to fake a fight into action. Greg is confused.

Kathryn shows up at her old flame Dan's house in Greenwich to see how his life is going now. It's really going well, at least it seems. He actually lives with his parents, and Kathryn is disappointed. His life's a disaster and that means Oliver's will be too, at least in her mind. Greg tries to reignite the passion in their marriage by telling Katie they were robbed, but he messes that up and Katie leaves. At school, Anna-Kat overhears kids calling her weird. Meanwhile, Dan tells Kathryn that their breakup didn't effect him at all, because he actually dumped her. Anna-Kat is moping around the house, which puts an end to Katie and Greg's romantic time.

Katie and Greg try to comfort Anna-Kat after the kids called her weird, but it doesn't work. So Katie heads to the school to give the kids a piece of her mind. Oliver, Taylor and Kathryn are now all moping together, because their love lives are disasters. But then Pierce notices Taylor's post online. and she feels better. Katie and Greg observe Anna-Kat bonding with another girl at school that was called weird, and they're very proud of her.

This was a really funny episode, and Kathryn was the MVP for sure. While Katie and Greg's plot was still funny, it felt really familiar and wasn't very original. The plot with Kathryn, however, was both fresh and funny. The scene at her old boyfriend's (parents') house when she found out he actually wasn't successful at all was hilarious, and the reactions of both her and the kids made it the best Kathryn-centric plot so far. I'm so glad we're getting to see a lot of her this season, and I really hope she sticks around for good. Even if it causes Katie pain. Anna-Kat's plot was also wonderful (and pretty heart-wrenching). I loved how it tied into, and helped solve, Katie and Greg's marital issues. The ending of the two plots was so sweet and touching that I can actually forgive the unoriginal premise of Katie and Greg's plot.

Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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