Network - Episode 1.13 - Pitchin’ Time

1x13 - “Pitchin’ Time”

By: Jessica Boggs

Last time on Network, Charlie makes amends and confronts both Jesse and Kasey after interrupting a
rant session disguised as a business meeting. We learned that Holly had a miscarriage, and Leah took
her to the Ooh La La Salon to give her hair a much needed update. That’s the scoop on Network, and
now we get to the action. Ash is in his office when Leah walks in.

Ash (surprised): Leah, I’m surprised you got back so soon. How is she?
Leah: As to be expected. Charlie walked in with another tacky clothing ensemble and managed to
cheer her up a bit. How are the pitches?
Ash: We got a writer coming in in about thirty minutes to give a pitch.
Leah: A writer? That’s a first.
Ash: Yeah, we rarely have those. Usually a producer sends the pitch to us. In the meantime, go
check on Jesse and see if the reports are ready.
Leah: Will do, Ash.

Leah exits the scene. Charlie then enters the office.

Charlie: Actually, Ash, make that two. Here’s the scoop.
Ash: Okay, then what are they like?
Charlie: Their names are Jack and Noah and I believe they are pitching a show to you. They are
television show writers.
Ash: What shows have they worked on previously?
Charlie: may want to look that up sometime afterwards.
Ash (stunned): That’s not much of a help.
Charlie: I’m a gossip columnist, Ash. I can only report what I do know or what I’m told to report.
Ash: Okay Charlotte. Cut the Gossip Girl charade. If I see you in the business meeting, please be
on your best behavior.
Charlie: Ahhh, I cannot promise you that. But I’ll do my best. Toodaloo!

Charlie exits the scene.

Writers and friends Jack and Noah prepare for a big day. They are pitching a drama they’ve
developed for some time.

Noah: So, Jack, do you have your pitch ready?
Jack: Well, I am still writing it.
Noah: What do you mean?
Jack: I can’t think of what else to write for this drama.
Noah: Writer’s block?
Jack: I don’t know. I did say I am still writing it.
Noah: Jack, we have to go pitch this to the network in fifteen minutes.

Jack, with a troubled look on his face, gets into the car with his writing pad. Noah is in the driver’s seat.

Jack is writing furiously, as if he is scrambling for ideas.

Noah: Hey man, what are you doing?
Jack: Writing this pitch. I don’t even know what to say.
Noah: Come on, we have a drama to pitch. A psychological thriller? Do we have a name?
Jack: Whoa folks, I had another dream.
Noah: Hold up, what?!?
Jack: You heard what I said.
Noah: What a ridiculous name for a show. No wonder there is no premise yet.
Jack: But there is. A young woman has dreams and sorts them out with a therapist, putting the
pieces together for her past.
Noah: Wow. That’s what you wrote?
Jack: Totally.
Noah: I can’t believe this.
Jack: Now this therapist is named Jane Doe and…
Noah: Enough! We’re at the network headquarters!
Jack: That was fast.

Jack and Noah exit the car, disheveled. All of a sudden, they see redheaded feisty vigilante and
gossip reporter Charlie Heist making a scene.

Charlie: So, you are the two writers pitching a show?
Noah: We are, ma’am.
Charlie (furious): Please do not call me ma’am. You’re talking to a gossip columnist and feisty
vigilante here.
Jack: Um…
Noah: Stop playing dumb, Jack. That is Charlie Heist from the local gossip magazine.
Charlie: That would be me, and if you don’t play nice, I have a baseball bat handy.

Jack looks at Noah with a timid look on his face.

Jack: Shall we run for the hills?
Noah: We must get going. We have to present our pitch. Toodaloo!

Jack and Noah exit the scene and head inside. Charlie wonders what just materialized. So she exits
the scene and heads inside.

Leah reads over the reports Jesse gave to her minutes ago, when she sees Charlie furiously entering
the break room.

Leah: Charlotte! What is going on? Are they here?
Charlie: If you are referring to the two boneheaded idiots I met at the parking lot, that would be them.
Leah (sternly): That’s not a nice way to talk about the writers, Charlie.
Charlie: One of them kept saying um while the other one decided to be a smarta**. He called me
Leah: How traditional. Let’s just see what is going on during the pitch.

Jack and Noah are wrapping up their initial pitch for Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream.

Ash: This sounds like an interesting show. Where do you see this going?
Noah: Well, each dream continues to get nightmarish as the season progresses. We’ll eventually see
that the therapist is not who she seems to be.
Jack: Hence, we gave her the name Jane Doe. It’s pretty sinister to say the least.
Ash: Well, the network will put this into consideration, and we’ll call to let you know what the
decision is.
Noah: Thank you very much, Mr. Chambers. It’s our pleasure.

Charlie then enters the scene, with Leah close behind.

Leah: Ash, I have the reports from Jesse right here.
Charlie: Is the meeting over?
Ash: Almost, but you are welcome to meet Jack and Noah, the writers behind the new
psychological thriller.
Leah: Hello, I’m Leah. Say, what’s the show’s name?
Jack: Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream.
Leah: Well that’s an interesting name for a show title.
Noah: The title was decided on a spur of a moment.
Leah: Huh...can’t wait to read it.

And there you have it, a writer’s block meets Network. Stay tuned next week for a party, folks!


NETWORK is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRGO. 

NETWORK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.


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