Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Episode 9 Review

Louise takes part in the science fair on this week's Bob's Burgers, but Gene and Louise aren't exactly in the mood to help her out with her project. Plus, Bob and Linda have a coat rack problem!

It's time for the science fair, and Tina gets partnered with someone she doesn't know, Susmita. Susmita comes up with the idea for their project, and Tina goes along with the idea. Bob, meanwhile, ordered five different coat racks that were on sale because he wanted to pick out the best one and return the others, but he runs into a problem: he can't return them. Also, they're tiny because they're made for children. And now he has to sell them. Tina gets an idea to alter their science project in order to make contact with aliens. One of their fellow students, Henry, is afraid of the idea and tries to discourage them from making the project, but Tina doesn't listen. This causes Henry to go Gene and Louise for help in stopping the project.

Teddy helps Tina and Susmita set up their project, and they begin trying to communicate with the aliens. While they wait for aliens to return contact, Susmita asks Tina for some dating advice. Suddenly, contact with "aliens" is made, but it turns out that it's just Henry and the other Belchers messing with them. They send a message posing as aliens, stating that they're going to attack Earth because they made contact, which causes Tina and Susmita to freak out.

Because they think it'll be their last day on Earth, Tina decides to do everything she wants to before it's too late. She kisses Jimmy Junior, and also Zeke, just for the heck of it. Susmita also wrote a love note to the boy she likes, but she was too chicken to give it to him. Just then, they get another message telling them that the world won't end, after all. However, something Henry says to Louise and Gene causes them to fess up to Tina about what they did. Tina wants to re-start the science project, but Susmita doesn't want to, fearing about the potential fallout of it. They have a fight, and end up making two separate projects.

Tina's new project, focusing on peanut butter, isn't going well. It starts raining outside, and the little coat racks actually end up helping to bring business, since people don't want to put their coats on the back of their chair at Jimmy Pesto's. At the science fair, Tina presents her new project, before giving up on it and talking about contact with aliens again.

This wasn't one of the better episodes of the season, but it was still an enjoyable half-hour nonetheless. I would have actually preferred to see more time given to Bob and Linda's plot about the coat rack, because I found that to be really enjoyable. Tina's plot was pretty hit-and-miss for me, honestly. It certainly had its moments (the messages from the "aliens" in particular), but I didn't really think it was that funny, or all that unique for that matter. Tina fighting with Susmita over the project and then making up at the end was pretty predictable, and unoriginal. It just felt like something I've seen many times before, which usually isn't an issue I have with Bob's Burgers. All in all, this episode was a little disappointing, but it's still probably worth a re-watch.

Score: 7.5/10
Grade: B-

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