Mom S5E20 Review

Christy is annoyed by Bonnie every week, but this week she is especially annoyed by her, and considers changing things because of that.

S5E20 "Ocular Fluid and Fighting Robots"

Bonnie has never been the nicest person, but in this week's episode she is extremely rude and selfish, much more than she usually is. This extremeness is used to prompt Christy to want to move out, and to make it more of a challenge when her sponsor tells her that if she is choosing to live with her mom, she needs to be nice to her. It is quite a challenge for Christy, and it wasn't really necessary to make Bonnie especially obnoxious to make this a challenge.

Christy's sponsor tells her to do nice things for Bonnie and not tell anyone about it. What becomes frustrating here for Christy is fairly obvious, Adam gets the credit. This frustrates Christy, but then she is happy when she sees how close Bonnie and Adam have gotten. The episode has a nice ending to this when Christy gets upset that now that she loves her mother, she's losing her. But the tag scene undermines things, as Christy thinks she is being helpful, but then when she discovers she wasn't, she blames Bonnie.

Despite the funny moments, this was not one of Mom's stronger episodes. The story felt forced all around, even though it did have nice sincere moments. I did like that a date has been set for Bonnie and Adam's wedding though.

Score: 4.5/10

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