Superstore Season 3 Finale Review

A year ago, the season finale of Superstore involved a tornado destroying the store, and while the tornado hit, Superstore fans who have been cheering on the main will they/won't they couple received a small victory when Amy and Jonah shared a kiss. This season started out with the fallout of that, and after many episodes of making their story very typical and not taking it much of anywhere, the last two episodes progressed the story with another kiss and Jonah breaking up with Kelly. Now the stage has been set for the season finale.

S3E22 "Town Hall"

The episode begins with the Cloud 9 employees being prepared for a town hall that will be held in the store and broadcast to all Cloud 9 stores. They are given a list of topics not to talk about, and one of them is Myrtle. Amy and Jonah are curious about this, so they do some digging. They discover that Jeff wrote Myrtle up for a variety of small offenses, which is very bizarre. They go to Jeff about this, who reveals that corporate wants older (so, more expensive) employees to be written up for minor offenses, so that there's a reason to fire them.

Amy and Jonah make it their mission to find evidence of this and bring it to attention. Amy distracts Laurie, hilariously inquiring about her sexual orientation and brainstorming people to set her up with, as Jonah steals her phone. Once they find the email, they have to come up with a creative way to get to the town hall, as their path is blocked by Laurie. Their rush is fairly entertaining, and they make it in time, while Dina distracts in some funny ways. The funniest moment at the town hall is when Jeff removes his disguise and Cheyenne, who knew about this all along, gasps. Jeff confronts the CEO, preparing to share the information he has evidence of. However, the plan is destroyed when Jeff is offered a job in Chicago.

Jeff insists to the group that he will be of help on the inside, but they remain discouraged. It really is disappointing, the episode spent the entire time on this story, only for them to gain nothing. The episode didn't spend any time on developing Amy and Jonah's relationship, only having them work together on this, but the ending had them unable to resist their urges any longer, and having sex, not knowing they are being broadcast in every Cloud 9 store. The two have taken another step closer to being together, but they didn't talk about what this means, just had sex, and with all the build-up, it doesn't feel like much of anything really.

This episode did a poor job of building off of the last one when it comes to Amy and Jonah's relationship. It felt like things quickly got back to the way they had been before for most the episode, and then gave us a development that really wasn't much. Meanwhile, the main story of the episode had some good funny moments, but felt disappointing in the end.

Score: 6/10

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