A Simple Music Review: The Strokes

Most people don't know this but I'm a (un)professional shotgun rider in a carpool. As shotgun rider, it is my responsibility to ensure that my friends are entertained, so I tend to scour the internet to find new music. I'm not sure if this makes me qualified to be a music reviewer, but i still feel the need to spread the word about these artists.

The Strokes have been around for a long time, but they never became as popular as some other alternative rock bands like Green Day and Arctic Monkeys. Still, I find them to be better than many other bands in the genre. Their first album, 'Is This It?' is one of the best albums I have ever heard. It has many great classics like 'Hard To Explain', 'Barely Legal' and 'Last Nite'

Their second album however, 'Room On Fire' is my least favourite album. It only has 2 songs I enjoy, 'Reptilia' and '12:51'. I tried to like the album but I couldn't bring myself to do so.

Their third and fourth albums managed to keep my interest in the band. The third 'First Impressions Of Earth' featured some more great songs like 'Juicebox', 'Evening Sun', and 'On The Other Side', but I didn't find many songs I was in love with.

Their fourth album 'Angles' was better than the third, as it had better songs like 'Taken For a Fool', 'Metabolism' and 'Two Kinds Of Happiness'. But 'Angles' provided me with my favourite Strokes song which is 'Under Cover of Darkness'.

Some might find it strange, but their fifth album 'Comedown Machine' is my favourite since it was the reason I started listening to The Strokes thanks to one song in the album, 'One Way Trigger'. 'One Way Trigger' was my gateway drug for The Strokes. Once I heard it, I slowly fell in love with the album, and afterwards the band. I think the reason many people don't listen to it is because it is different from their other music but that's why i love it. If you listen to both 'Is This It?' and 'Comedown Machine', the difference in the music style is very evident. Some of my favourite songs in the album include 'Call it Fate, Call it Karma', 'Partners in Crime' and 'Slow Animals'

Speaking of new music style, I have come to enjoy their latest EP, 'Future Present Past'. I didn't like it at first, but soon I started to like all three songs on the EP. I actually hated OBLIVIUS when I first heard it, but after a couple of listens I was hypnotised by its melodious riff in the beginning of the song. I really hope they make a real music video for it someday, instead of being referenced in the music video for 'Threat Of Joy'

My top 5 songs are:

5. 50/50
4. Barely Legal
2. One Way Trigger
1. Under Cover Of Darkness

Overall, they are a great band and I hope to see more from them in the coming years. If only the members wouldn't keep running off to do their own stuff, maybe we would have another album by now.

Thank you for reading this article. As this is my first time making a music article. I'd like to know what you thought about it. If you have any feedback, please write it down in the comments below. If you have any personal comments or extreme constructive criticism, please email me at xionxiv@gmail.com

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