Disney/ABC TCA Livestream

Yesterday was all quiet on the western front as not much was going on at the NBCUniversal cable front, except for the unofficial cancelations of I Am Cait on E! and Donny! on USA, plus the official renewal of Suits. Today, we have Disney/ABC. Refresh for updates!

Update #1: What we know so far is a straight-to-series order of Ten Days in the Valley, and Designated Survivor has the option of a backorder. 
Update #2: In a few moments, Channing Dungey makes her TCA debut. Stay tuned for more coverage.
Update #3: Waiting...waiting...like a Nerd HQ panel. 
Well, this is about to get interesting.
Update #4: The executive panel is about to start!
Update #5: We have some renewals to report! ABC renews Celebrity Family Feud, Pyramid, and Match Game.
Update #6: To Tell the Truth has also been renewed at ABC. No mention of BattleBots or Greatest Hits.
Update #7: Not much is being said about Notorious. That doesn't seem like a vote of confidence.
Update #8: She says this about Conviction, American Housewife, and Speechless:

Update #9: There's also no mention on 500 Questions.
Update #10: About Castle...

My guess is due to fan backlash.
Update #11: American Crime was also mentioned. Dungey felt that it was more important to have some shows that creatively thrive. Critical acclaim!
Update #12: ABC wants to explore a Star Wars series, plus wants more diversity for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series.
Update #13: Scandal returns in January, along with the TGIT mantra.

I wonder if this could work long-term.
Update #14: Oh really? Then why is Nashville on CMT?

Update #15: Okay, now we are getting into the point of no return.

UnREAL was ironically mentioned.
Update #16: This marks the end of the executive panel. With a mention about Agents of SHIELD.

Update #17: Surprised nothing was said about The Real O'Neals. Either that, or I missed the tweet cycle.
Update #18: Or The Catch. Coming up next: the Speechless panel.
Update #19: I have to admit, Channing's panel brought some mixed reviews. Back to Speechless, the trailer is getting rare applause at the TCAs. Panel starts right now.
Update #20: Some Speechless buzz.
Actually Micah's twitter is @micahdfowler, TCA.
Update #21: Awwwww....

He also looks up to his sister.
Update #22:

Update #23: TCA now on a lunch break until 1pm in Pacific time. Then the Conviction panel happens. Hopefully we'll get some buzz.

Update #24: The action will start back in a few with the panel for Conviction.
Update #25: Get your petitions ramping up to revive Agent Carter, because Conviction is not getting any good reviews. 

Time for some discussion.
Update #26: I couldn't read the rest of the tweets for the show. But we have fifteen minutes until The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport...I mean American Housewife.
Update #27: While American Housewife starts, I figured I would add one more thing about Conviction.


Update #28:
Enough said.
Update #29: 
Preach it, girl!
Update #30: Some tweets, teasing some details.

The panel is going well. But critics are mixed.
Update #31: Some more information about the comedy.
Update #32: Notorious is up next. We'll see what the hoopla is all about, especially since Channing had nothing much to say.
Update #33: It begins now!

It's about to get interesting.
Update #34: Some information.
Interesting point on how today's media goes to the point of yellow journalism in sensationalism.
Update #35: More on Notorious.

In case you didn't know, Mark Geragos was Kesha's former lawyer.
Update #36: Whoa! Pretty freaking controversial!
Update #37:

I feel that it's more like a TNT show to be honest.
Update #38: One last tweet about Notorious, then the ABCd presentation. This live stream will take short break. Notorious will have a slight serial element.

Update #39: ABC is giving a presentation about the ABC app and ABCd. After this will be the comedy showrunners panel, then an hour after the showrunner panel will be the black-ish panel.
Update #40: All quiet on the western front, but black-ish's panel starts momentarily.
Update #41: Here are the highlights from the comedy showrunners' panel. Nathan Fillion will be guest starring on Modern Family next season. The news is still developing, as it was just announced as breaking news by TVLine's very own Michael Ausiello. The Real O'Neals' showrunner defends Noah Galvin, saying that "we all say things that we regret." That doesn't bode well. And The Real O'Neals also has six gay writers in the room.
Update #42: Standing by for the black-ish panel. Stay tuned for more coverage!
Update #43: The show's third season picks up where it left off, after the end of season 2. There will be a pregnancy! A new baby on the way.
Update #44: Some tweets.

There you have it. Plus some casting news.
This should be interesting how the show pulls this off.
Update #45: Great point.
Update #46: And that's it for the ABC TCA coverage, folks! Stay tuned to the TV Ratings Guide for more TCA coverage!

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