UnREAL S2E9 Review

Hey folks. Welcome to another review for UnREAL. We made it to the penultimate episode, folks! It's pretty explosive drama wise.

2x09 - "Espionage"

The show was mostly Everlasting related. After Rachel finds out about Yael and Coleman, it looked like she was going to sabotage Quinn. But she didn't. Rachel finds out her phone was tapped into by Coleman and the conversation with Quinn about Mary plus Yael's diarrhea infused embarrassment was recorded. 

Darius eliminates Yael. The final two suitors are revealed to be Chantal and Tiffany. 

What the plot twist is: Coleman's plan is doomed. Rachel and Quinn make a pact at the end of the episode to take down Coleman. Watch the fireworks begin! 

This penultimate episode set some fireworks. I can't believe it's ending already. Don't forget to tune in for the season finale on Lifetime Monday at 10:00 pm ET/9:00 pm CT. 

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