NBCUniversal TCA Livestream - Day 1

Since we are getting some buzz, Day 1 of TCA NBCUniversal coverage begins. Refresh for updates!

Update #1: Here's what we know so far! Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Golden Globes, Celebrity Apprentice returns in January, and America's Got Talent was renewed.
Update #2: Nothing but Chicago week commences, with a four way crossover announced.
Update #3: Now Superstore is being praised. Any more renewal/cancelation news, NBC?
Update #4: NBC is apparently interested in a NYC franchise. And there's talk about Heroes and Maya & Marty.
Update #5: Eric Kripke's Timeless is apparently going the more procedural route. So much for making another Sci-Fi show. 
Update #6: There's also discussion about bringing The Voice Kids to NBC. 
Update #7: NBC orders Amy Poehler comedy Baby to pilot. 
Update #8: Another network outshines NBC. ABC has released the season 13 poster of Grey's Anatomy.
Update #9: Apparently, we've moved on to Olympic panels.
Update #10: A tweet. 
This is about to get interesting.
Update #11: That's it for the Olympics, folks.

In a while, we'll have some coverage from the Timeless TCA panel (Never shown on YouTube!)
Update #12: In other news, NBC has also given a pilot order to disaster medical drama Salvation.
Update #13: NBC also ordered drama Walking Lions to pilot.
Update #14: Now for some Timeless.

Apparently, there will also be the Space Race.
Update #15: Timeless is 80% procedural and 20% serialized. This could get interesting.
Update #16: Timeless could get some buzz. On to This is Us, and some tweets.

Update #17: Some cancelation news has come out. Apparently from FOX. It's Houdini and Doyle. A separate article has been published.
Update #18: Now back to This is Us.

Update #19: There is a big twist in This is Us's pilot. Also, This is Us is receiving comparisons to long gone show LOST.
Update #20: Here's some news about season 2 of Chicago Med.

There will also be hints of doctors testifying on the upcoming Chicago Justice during the Chicago crossover event.
Update #21: This reminds me of the "when I was a barista" monologue sessions from DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Reese is working as a barista when season 2 starts.
Update #22: Here are some more highlights, since the panel ended. Yaya DaCosta's character will be on antibiotics, the second season will continue when the season 1 finale ended, Halstead and Rhodes are in a good place as colleagues, and there will be a crossover event once Chicago Justice is firmly established.
Update #23: Hairspray Live is up next in the TCA coverage.
Update #24: We will take a short 20 minute break. Stay tuned for more coverage!

Update #25: Sorry it took a bit longer than I thought it would. Apparently CBS is getting more coverage. 
Update #26: Screenshot of some possible reasons.
Could this backfire on CBS? 
Update #27: Now for some PR. I apparently missed the Hairspray Live thing. Bummer! Apparently, according to one PR executive at NBCUniversal, live TV is a choice. We also got subscriber numbers.

Update #28: One reporter complains about the streaming availability. 
Update #29: More PR data.

Update #30: The Good Place begins their TCA panel. Some tweets.

The second LOST comparison of the day. My guess is that there probably will be more.
Update #31: The Good Place is almost done filming for the season, apparently.
Update #32: Some more sneak peak information.

Update #33: Just as I suspect, The Good Place is a limited series. Capped at 13 episodes per season, apparently.
Update #34: NBC also has put a New York FBI drama in development. The premise: "The New York crime drama will be set in the world of the FBI. Wolf already has actively been researching the subject, meeting with FBI executives and other sources, including FBI director James Comey. At TCA, Wolf shared some facts from of the research he had done, noting that the New York office of the FBI is the biggest in the country, the average age of an FBI agent is 30 and the acceptance rate in the bureau 1%. “I think they do an impossible job incredibly well,” Wolf said, admitting that he is a big fan of the FBI."
Update #35: We've moved on to Blindspot for season 2. Apparently in the first episode, we find out Jane's first name. That's a start. 
Update #36: A Good Wife question was asked. There was an audible sigh. Archie Panjabi takes the high road and says: "What happens on The Good Wife stays on The Good Wife."
Update #37: More Blindspot information. 
Update #38: Now here's something you don't hear. Greg Berlanti apparently is one of the executive producers of Blindspot. It's competing against Arrow on Wednesdays.
Update #39: Next up is Superstore in about fifteen minutes. Stay tuned for more TCA coverage.
Update #40: Superstore panel starts right now!
Update #41: A guest star announcement!
Update #42: More information.
Update #43: Have we gone the way of CW, Superstore?
Update #44: Continuing on...some hot button issues!
Update #45: Looks like I haven't missed anything after all. The last panel is Hairspray Live.
Update #46: Apparently this is the first time a musical is being paneled.
Update #47: Hairspray Live airs December 7 on NBC.
Update #48: Hairspray information begins.

Update #49: More tweets.

Update #50:

Update #51: The cast really seems to get along well through the eyes of reporters.
Update #52: Sean Hayes and Rosie O'Donnell are added to the cast of Hairspray Live. Sean as Mr. Pinkle, and Rosie as the gym teacher.
Update #53: Did anyone see the Syfy sizzle reel? SpoilerTV published a thread about it.
Update #54: Apparently Kenny Leon said that Ariana Grande shines. Ariana will not change her portrayal of Penny into a larger singing role.
Update #55: There will only be one performance of Hairspray Live. It won't be separated into separate performances for the East and West Coasts.
Update #56: And that's a wrap for the panel and day 1 of NBCU TCA coverage. Cable coverage is tomorrow, folks! So this live stream is finished for today. Make sure to follow the TV Ratings Guide for more TCA coverage.

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