Sunday TV Ratings: Olympics Spike, Brother Down

America’s Funniest Home Videos (R) - 0.5
Celebrity Family Feud (R) - 0.6
The $100,000 Pyramid (R) - 0.6
Match Game (R) - 0.5
60 Minutes (R) - 0.6
Big Brother - 1.5
Madam Secretary (R) - 0.3
Braindead  - 0.3
Rio Olympics - 9.0

The Simpsons (R) - 0.3
Bob’s Burgers (R) - 0.3
The Simpsons (R) - 0.4
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (R) - 0.3
Family Guy (R) - 0.5
The Last Man on Earth (R) - 0.3

Women's Gymnastics helped the Rio Olympics (9.0) jump well above it's Saturday result and
 above the 7.7 for the opening ceremony. The only other network that attempted to compete
 with NBC was CBS which had Big Brother (1.5) which was down two tenths from last week,
but considering the competition, that's a respectable hold, it was sandwiched between repeats
of 60 Minutes (0.6) and Madam Secretary (0.3) followed by another burn off of Braindead
(0.3) which was down two tenths from last week. ABC had all repeats with America's Funniest
Home Videos (0.5), Celebrity Family Feud (0.6), The $100,000 Pyramid (0.6), and Match Game
 (0.5), it was a good move on ABC's part to put the game shows in repeat mode as they would
 have most likely hit new lows. And FOX had comedy repeats with The Simpsons (0.3), Bob's
 Burgers (0.3), The Simpsons (0.4), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.3), Family Guy (0.5), and The Last
Man on Earth (0.3) which were all significantly down from the last time they were on. 

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