Thursday TV Ratings: Greatest Hits Finale Spikes + Big Brother

Battlebots - 0.9
Greatest Hits (F) - 0.9
The Big Bang Theory (R) - 1.3
Life In Pieces (R) - 1.0
Big Brother - 1.9
Code Black (R) - 0.6
Rio Olympics Preview Special - 1.1
American Ninja Warrior (R) - 1.0
Home Free - 0.6
Home Free (F) - 0.6

Legends of Tomorrow (R) - 0.3
Beauty and the Beast (R) - 0.2

ABC had another round Battlebots (0.8) which was steady and the two-hour finale of
Greatest Hits (0.9) which rose a whopping three tenths from the disasterous 0.6 from last
week. It's fate remains uncertain, but it certaintly made a case for renewal. CBS had more
comedy repeats with The Big Bang Theory (1.3) and Life In Pieces (1.0) followed by Big
Brother (1.9) which was up a tenth from last week to tie it's season high. NBC had a Rio
Olympics Preview Special (1.1) and an American Ninja Warrior repeat (1.0) which both
did well. FOX had the two-hour finale of Home Free (0.6/0.6) which stayed in line with
previous airings and did not make a case for renewal. And The CW had some repeats 
of Legends of Tomorrow (0.3) and Beauty and the Beast (0.3) which were both above
their usual 0.2s despite Beauty being a repeat. 

Finals Update: On ABC, Battlebots (0.9) adjusted up making it up a tenth from last
week while the Beauty and the Beast repeat (0.2) adjusted down. 

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