Preacher Season 1 Finale

It's times like these I like to say "What the f*** just happened?"

S1E10 'Call and Response'

It's interesting to note that this episode is split into 2 chapters, with one ending and the other beginning.

 After Tulip finds Jesse in Donnie's house, she takes him to her car and shows him Carlos, all tied up inside her trunk. She then asks Jesse to kill him but he still refuses. She then guilts him and reminds him of what Carlos did to them( thumbs up to Desmin Borges from 'Youre the Worst' for a great scene), which was kind of a dick move as shown in a flashback where the 3 of them were robbing a bank but Carlos ran away with the money and in all the confusion, Tulip had a miscarriage. Jesse soon agrees but Tulip stops him before Jesse could pull the trigger on Carlos. She tells him that she just wanted to see if he was willing to do it and if he still cared for her (Cheesy or sweet? Not sure). But to make themselves  feel better, they both give Carlos a good old fashion beatdown

Meanwhile, Cassidy gets caught by the police and is brutally interrogated by the sheriff for information about Eugene. After much suffering, Cassidy is let go, just in time for the Sunday mass. After Jesse struggles to activate the phone with the Angel's hand, God finally shows up and addresses the crowd. He tells them that  their loved ones are in heaven as well as other good things. He even tells Jesse that Eugene is fine. But Jesse gets suspicious of that and realises that the man they see is not God. He then uses Genesis on the man and he tells them all the truth, that God is missing. This causes mass turmoil in Annville, leading to suicides, breakdowns, and the ultimate destruction of the town thanks to a very convenient methane explosion which sort of felt like a Deus ex machina. Fortunately Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip were nowhere near the explosion, as we see them in a diner where they decide to go look for God while Jesse talks to Eugene somehow and tells him he still hasn't forgotten him. Tulip asks Jesse about Genesis and he uses it to make her kiss him. She gets angry and slaps him for the cheap trick before getting in the car. Together, all 3 of them begin their new journey with a fresh start. Back at Annville, the Seraph staggers out of the debris, only to be shot down by the Cowboy (Who is apparently the Saint of Killers from the comics), ready to fulfill his mission.

First of all, I am so glad we weren't left with a huge cliffhanger. Sure there are a few questions left unanswered, like "Where's Deblanc?" Or "Did Emily survive?" But those aren't questions I'd break my head over. Second, Even though I only read a few issues a couple years ago, I'm glad to see the book into comic book territory. It's good to see Preacher be a part of a new era of being close to the source material, instead of being included in a wide range of adapted material which barely resemble their original counterparts (I'm looking at you, Percy Jackson). Overall, Preacher has been a fun show which definitely won't win any awards, but is still a show worth getting excited about as it tested boundaries of basic cable while providing a sense of amusement and chaos for fans of crazy shows like Fargo and Supernatural. I hope Season 2 will be even crazier.

Quote of the week: "Yeah well after that phone message how could I resist? (Imitating Jesse) Hi Tulip, I just ate pancakes"

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