Five Questions: Fantasy Drama Edition

I'm bringing back what used to be Questions of the Week in a new format called Five Questions. Each segment, I will post five questions for us to discuss, all set to a certain theme. I will post my responses in the comments below, and I hope you do too!

1. Will there be any week where Once Upon a Time is lower-rated than both America's Funniest Home Videos AND Secrets & Lies?
2. Is this Grimm's final season, and if so will the finale break a 1.0?
3. Will Emerald City continue Grimm's legacy as a solid performer or will it flop?
4. Will Supernatural be the best time slot occupant on Thursdays for The CW in years by beating out Beauty & The Beast's 0.61 average from 2012-13? Does it have a chance to rise and beat out The Secret Circle's 0.77 from 2011-12?
5. Midnight, Texas is the second Charlaine Harris book series to be adapted for TV, the first being True Blood. True Blood had a 2.1 A18-49 rating for its finale on HBO; will any of Midnight, Texas' episodes see a rating above that?

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