Saturday TV Ratings: Olympics Easily Dominate Repeat-Filled Night

Last Man Standing (R) - 0.2
Dr. Ken (R) - 0.2
20/20: In an Instant (R) - 0.3
Boston EMS - 0.3
Rush Hour - 0.2
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (R) - 0.3
48 Hours (R) - 0.4
Rio Olympics - 5.5
Wayward Pines (R) - 0.2
Wayward Pines (R) - 0.1

The Rio Olympics (5.5) on NBC easily dominated a disturbingly low night. Though it was still
down 2.2 rating points from yesterday's Opening Ceremony and well below 2012's second
night which managed an 8.8, but considering how low-viewed Saturday night are, it is still an
impressive result, and should rebound as it gets to air on higher viewed nights. The rest of the
networks couldn't even break a 0.5 thanks to the additional competition. CBS came the closest
to making any ratings noise, which isn't saying much, starting with yet another burnoff of Rush
Hour (0.2) which was down a tenth from last week's already disasterous result, but a Criminal
Minds: Beyond Borders repeat (0.3) picked up the slack and a 48 Hours repeat (0.4) managed
to be the highest non-Olympics program of the night, which again isn't saying much. ABC had
some Friday comedy repeats with Last Man Standing (0.2) and Dr. Ken (0.2) which suffered
against the competition followed by a 20/20: In an Instant repeat (0.3) and one of the only
originals of the night, Bosten EMS (0.3) which was down a tenth from last week's already
disasterous premiere. FOX settled for last place with repeats of Wayward Pines (0.2/0.1)
with the second hour being watched by virtually no one. 

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