Superstore Season 2 Special Episode Review

It's the dead point of summer, August, where little is on TV. Additionally, Superstore's first season ended in February, leaving us with a seven month break until its September premiere. But we got lucky, as we are getting a special episode of Superstore following the Olympics!

Special Episode: "Olympics"

The episode begins with an Olympic opening ceremony that the store is putting on thanks to Glenn's enthusiasm. It hilariously goes wrong, however, when a fire starts in the store. Funny moments here include Cheyenne taking a selfie, and Garrett throws a product into the fire. Glenn is obsessed with the Olympics, which totally makes sense with his character, and he is surprised when he discovers that Mateo is supporting the Philippines in the Olympics. Cecily Strong makes an appearance, though she is just amusing rather than funny in her first appearance.

Cheyenne is upset because people her age are doing much better than she is, so Amy brings her to talk to Cecily Strong's character, which is much funnier this time around. Mateo discovers that he isn't an American citizen, which was pretty funny. Dena wants to go big when she puts on the opening ceremony, and she has a funny line about how she can't compete with the actual ceremony.

Glenn tries to be inclusive to other countries, and there is a hilarious line when he thinks that Amy is Mexican and says he doesn't speak Spanish when she says she's Honduran. Amy tries to get Cheyenne to understand that she should set realistic goals, but she ends up making Cheyenne upset. Glenn comes to realize that people from every country are all citizens of this world, though the way he expresses this is very funny. The episode ends with an epic closing ceremony put on by Dina.

This wasn't as far up there as the best episodes of season one, but it was still a very enjoyable episode. Overall, the episode was really good, and I am excited for the new season!

What did you think of "Olympics"? Did it satisfy your withdrawals? Or, are you a first-time viewer of Superstore, and if so, do you plan on watching the show this fall? Leave your thoughts in the comments! And don't forget to return for the season 2 premiere on September 22nd, which I will review!

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