UnREAL S2E10 (Season Finale) Review

Hey folks! It's Jessica. We made it to the season finale of UnREAL. It's about to get juicy, y'all! Here we go!

2x10 - "Friendly Fire"

Finally, the dark Coleman rises. Things start out with Coleman's things getting escorted outside by security, with the discovery that Wasserman's award-winning documentary was FAKE. As fake as a three dollar bill, plus a Wendigo on Supernatural. Coleman is basically Ruby in this scenario, who tries to take down two heroines. So Rachel and Quinn are the Sam and Dean in this story.

Coleman tries to recruit Jeremy to the exposé of Everlasting, and it seems as if Jeremy is going through with it. But soon Jeremy has a change of heart when Coleman reveals that Rachel was raped at twelve by one of her mother's patients. Jeremy then warns Rachel that Yael is going to go on live television to expose the show for causing the death of Mary. Ouch!

On the show within the show, Quinn has a master plan: to get both Tiffany and Chantal in wedding attire. What's better than one bride? Two brides! Darius apparently was not consulted about this. He decides not to marry either of the final two contestants. Then Ruby shows up, and it turns out to be a happy ending! Hooray for happy endings!

After filming the finale, Jeremy tries to get back with Rachel, who turns him down. As it seems like their fates will be in a prison cell, a stunning plot twist happens. Jeremy returns to the editing room and tells the gang, Chet included, that they won't have to worry about Yael and Coleman anymore. There were reports of a single car accident that clearly showed that Coleman's sportscar, with an Everlasting license place was reduced to ashes and dust. The jury is still out on the fates of Yael and Coleman, but I'm pretty sure they are dead. The ending scene showed Jeremy, Chet, Quinn, and Rachel sitting outside apparently contemplating what happens next.

That was an explosive finale, folks! I can't wait to see what season three holds.

Grade: A+

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