Five Questions: Franchise Edition

Here's the next edition of Five Questions, where I provide open-ended ratings-related questions and we all answer them in the comment section below. Whoever provides the most thoughtful answers and responds to others' answers on this edition will get the chance to ask a bonus question on the next edition, so comment away even if you never have before! As usual I'll also provide my answers in the comments below.

1. Of the Law & Order and NCIS franchises, which will be the last to still have a show on the air running new episodes? What about in syndication?
2. How many shows will the Chicago franchise produce in total?
3. Will we see a sitcom franchise in the near future?
4. Will there ever be a primetime spin-off of Big Brother?
5. Will there be a new show to enter the CSI franchise (or a revival of the mothership), and if so when would it be?

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